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Paramore – This Is Why: Lyrics Meaning


Paramore – This Is Why Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘This Is Why’ by Paramore is the challenges Hayley has faced as a celeb with her personal life publicized. Life is hard for anyone. It’s even harder for celebrities as they are constantly visible in the eyes of the public. What you say might be controversial because a group of people doesn’t conform to the same idea. Then, you get slandered publicly for voicing your opinion or even worse get canceled on every platform.

‘This Is Why’ by Paramore means that it’s a response to a world that has evidently simply developed into being more ruthless and inconsiderate.

Introduction: This Is Why Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘This Is Why’ by Paramore talk about the life of celebs being publicized with every step that they take. Everybody needs some time all alone and on their own. But as any B-list or A-list celebrity, the moment you step out of your house (or even inside your house), you’re recorded. Then, they begin to comment on the way you dressed and the way you talked that day. Celebrities are judged in every step that they take.

This is why I don’t leave the house
You say the coast is clear
But you won’t catch me out
Oh, why?
This is why

Lyrics to ‘This Is Why’ by Paramore

This Is Why Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘This Is Why’ by Paramore line by line in detail.

‘This Is Why’ is Paramore’s first single released in over five years for the album of the same title, This Is Why. This is the first-ever title track for the band. The release date of the song is the 28th of September, 2022.

[Verse 1/ Pre-Chorus]

The first verse of ‘This Is Why’ lyrics are aggressive in themselves. Hailey Williams conforms to the right to the freedom of speech. But she also thinks that if someone has an opinion about her day and night, it’s creepy. So she offers the media and paparazzi three options. The first option for them is to shove their opinions and the second one is to scream their opinions. Her favorite and final option is to keep their opinions to themselves.


For more than a decade, Paramore, and especially Hayley Williams, have been mental health supporters and are vulnerable about their battles and understanding of venting with depression and social pressure. This issue is a consistent topic in their songwriting and has significantly become more typical as the band members have grown aged. So, they didn’t stop going out of the house because of the pandemic but because of their own mental health issues.

[Verse 2]

“Better have conviction” means to let people wholly dedicate themselves to one viewpoint even though someone else in their lives doesn’t agree with it. This is because we tend to please other people by appearing as though we agree with the viewpoints of other people. But deep down we know we are lying to ourselves. The world is built upon the concept of ‘survival of the fittest’. Either we survive in the ever-changing world or we perish.


Because of the constant unwanted attention, when Hailey Williams takes one step outside her door, she feels like her mental health is spiraling down into a free fall. She feels as though she is falling down from an endless hall. It is important to understand that “free fall” means the singer loses her consciousness when she gets out in the public. She feels like heavy cannonballs when put to test do not float but instead, sink.

Conclusion: This Is Why Meaning

‘This Is Why’ by Paramore means Hailey Williams slams how people voice their ideas and reasonings against her liberty to live a private life. Hayley Williams, Paramore’s lead singer, has continuously confessed to being psychologically influenced by her difficult relationship with people. With the exact explanation, the band took a 5 year long hiatus after 2017, attempting to manage the stress that comes with celebrity status given by success in her music career.

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