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Peso Pluma, El Rápido: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning


“El Rápido” is a song written by Peso Pluma, the sensational regional Mexican music phenomenon. He has captivated audiences worldwide with the unique style of Peso Pluma whose real name is Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija and the instrumentation of his corridos tumbados. The meaning of “El Rápido” lyrics by Peso Pluma is the story of a formidable person who focuses on orders, challenges, & protects his people. It showcases the characteristics and experiences of a compelling character within the context of the corrido genre. The mention of “Super güera” highlights their physical attributes, while their calm demeanor and wrath when provoked add depth to their persona.

Known for topping the Spotify charts with their hit song “Ella Baila Sola,” Peso Pluma has garnered significant attention. However, it was their performance of “El Rápido,” recorded live without a shirt and accompanied by a guitar, that catapulted them to viral stardom on social media platforms.

What does “Super güera” mean?

To comprehend the meaning of “Super güera” in the context of the corrido “El Rápido,” let us examine each component individually. According to the Royal Academy of Language (RAE), “super” is a prefix that adds the senses of “above or above” to the base word. However, in Mexico, “güera” means a person with blond hair. In this context, “El Rápido” lyrics by Peso Pluma describe a character as follows: “And a Super güera, panther handles, with a disc horn and a nine in the holster. Calm demeanor, he’s bad when angry, and anyone who challenges him wakes up covered.”

Peso Pluma, El Rápido: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning

The opening verse of “El Rápido” sets the stage, emphasizing the swiftness and significance of a van in the narrative. These lyrics imply that the van plays a crucial role, symbolizing power and control for its driver. Additionally, references to radios and rifles highlight the intensity and potential danger associated with this character.

Mr. Archivaldo, the song’s enigmatic figure, issues orders that are dutifully fulfilled without questioning. This showcases unwavering loyalty and a willingness to carry out tasks, reflecting a strong sense of discipline within the caravans that patrol the area.

The mention of a “Super güera” with panther handles, a disc horn, and a nine in the holster offers insight into the character’s persona. Also, the description portrays an individual with a blonde appearance, an aura of strength and agility (symbolized by panther handles), and a readiness to defend themselves (represented by the disc horn and the weapon). This character is calm and composed, but one should not provoke their anger, as they possess a menacing nature.

In the interlude and the second verse, the song introduces Alfredo and Trébol as significant characters. The lyrics suggest that Alfredo keeps a close watch and follows Trébol in their pursuit of success. Their unwavering partnership is emphasized, with Panu and Rafa Alvarado also playing prominent roles within the narrative.

“El Rápido” lyrics further depict the character’s disdain for dishonesty and individuals who seek unfair advantages. They exhibit generosity toward their friends and carry out the orders of a powerful figure, indicating their allegiance to a higher authority. Referred to as “Nini” by many, this character leads a well-armed crew and carries a serious and decent demeanor. When their people are activated, they fearlessly move forward, demonstrating their commitment to their cause.

What Are the Lyrics of “El Rápido” by Peso Pluma In English Translation?

These are the lyrics of Peso Pluma’s “El Rápido” via Genius in English translation:

[Lyrics of “El Rápido”]

[Verse 1]
Quickly a van passes by
Quickly it’s the key for those who drive it
Radios crackle quickly
Quickly the rifle has taken down several
Orders from Mr. Archivaldo
He fulfills them completely and doesn’t ask questions
His caravans patrol
Disciplined, they work
And a super blonde
With panther handles
With a disc horn and a nine in the holster
Calm demeanor
He’s bad when angry
And anyone who challenges him wakes up covered


[Verse 2]
Alfredo is keeping an eye out
And he follows his friend Trébol to the million
Panu hasn’t left him alone
Neither has his buddy, Rafa Alvarado
He can’t stand liars
Especially those who take advantage
He’s generous with his friends
He carries orders from a powerful man
Many out there
Call him Nini
He brings his crew and is well-armed
He’s serious and decent
He supports his people
When his people are activated, he moves forward

Peso Pluma’s “El Rápido” Lyrics In English Translation

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