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What Is Sabrina Claudio ‘Better Version’ Lyrics Meaning?


Sabrina Claudio – Better Version Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics of the song by Sabrina Claudio is that she fell in love with a toxic guy and she stays to see his ‘Better Version’. She was attracted to his nice physique and honed in personality. But as time passed by, she saw his real side. Even after this grand reveal of his personality, she stays with him thinking he is in a bad mood and if she treats him well, she will get his better version.

The lyrics of the song ‘Better Version’ means Sabrina Claudio is treating her partner well with the hope that her behaviour will be reciprocated back to her.

Introduction: Better Version Lyrics

Sabrina Claudio has jotted down the lyrics for ‘Better Version’ to emphasize how narcissistic relationships operate. The partner every once in a while treats the other partner well and at most times they are treated in a derogatory manner. This pull and push create an addiction in a relationship. The victim feels like s/he is wrong and if they behave well his/her partner would treat him/her well.

I made the perfect you in my head
‘Cause physically, you are the blueprint
But internally, goddamn, you’re a mess
So to stay with you, I had to imagine

Lyrics to ‘Better Version’ by Sabrina Claudio

Better Version Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Better Version’ by Sabrina Claudio line by line in detail.

‘Better Version’ by Sabrina Claudio was released on the 24th of March 2022. It is the sixth track off her 2022 album ‘Based On A Feeling‘.

[Verse 1]

“I made the perfect you in my head” means that Sabrina idolized her partner from the beginning. This is very common in a narcissistic relationship. One party tends to idolize another party. “‘Cause physically, you are the blueprint” means that her partner has a very attractive physique. She was attracted to his appearance. However, internally, her partner is a mess. His physical beauty blinded her so much that she cannot move on from a toxic relationship.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus/ Outro]

“Anything I give him, he deserves it” means she is a giver in the relationship. Her narcissist usually discards her. But when he needs her, he becomes the most charming person. She then feels like she is in heaven when he does the bare minimum things for her. The relationship is so toxic for her that she doesn’t want to let go when he behaves well. This is because she feels like she won’t get the same treatment next time. She has a fear of abandonment.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, Sabrina Claudio talks about how she wishes to be treated. “More frequent visits would’ve been nice” means that she longs for him when he is discarding her. She treats his dark side as a separate person. Then, she treats his good side as another person. She feels like she is cheating on him if she cannot love his dark side. “Sometimes, the guilt will clog up my mind” means that she feels guilty that she loves his good side more than his dark side.

Conclusion: Better Version Meaning

The song ‘Better Version’ by Sabrina Claudio means living with an expectation of being treated fairly by her partner. There is a highlight of how narcissistic relationships work as well. People usually get attracted to each other’s physical appearances with no other substance to connect them. Then, an empath is treated very poorly by a narcissist. They are seldom treated well by narcissists. This push and pull become so toxic and addictive that they cannot move on.

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