Song by SAINt JHN “Roses” Imanbek Remix Lyrics Meaning Has Unforgettable Visuals

Song by SAINt JHN “Roses” Imanbek Remix Lyrics Meaning Has Unforgettable Visuals

SAINt JHN – Roses Lyrics Meaning

I kept on playing with at least 1000 roses to end up without ever reaching the conclusion. At this point, I don’t rush in finding love. But let’s hope those flowers will not come after me. Today, we have a moody song that was released back in 2016. Let’s learn the clean meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Roses” by SAINt JHN that has unforgettable visuals.

“Roses” by SAINt JHN is a lyrically slow moody song that was released back in 2016. However, after Imanbek remix in 2020, the song regained its popularity on TikTok which started a dance trend.

Introduction: Roses Lyrics

As soon as the song was dropped in 2016, the song shortly earned widespread vogue. The remix version of “Roses” in 2020 with Imanbek has helped SAINt JHN for being an extremely crucial element of his hip-hop pursuit. It has simply specialized as JHN’s opening song for the fresh and clean audience for live TikTok dance trends. Here, he is singing to his kind of interest and his environment. He is simply unbeatable.

Roses Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the clean meaning behind the lyrics of the remix of the song “Roses” by SAINt JHN, exclusively at Laviasco, with Imanbek has unforgettable visuals.

[Verse 1]

Other than caring for the appearance of a rose, SAINt JHN expects roses to demonstrate affection to him as well. The phrase “dolo” means solitary and independent. It was used frequently by Kid Cudi in his discography. The singer brings about popularizing that when he strolls up to the nook, whether for his young behavior, he is independent, and will not inflict any difficulty. People will realize sooner or later, supposing his soul is living independently.

The lyrics in “Roses” depict SAINt JHN with remarkable similarity to infamous people despite never being them. Other than strolling in the crossing “dolo”, the singer strides up the dealer with sufficient rings on his fingers of great worth. He does this so that those people understand he has a ton of fortune and can be believed as a client. The singer is not scared to be vocal about how his adoring viewpoint brings about in the cold of the winter season.


In the chorus section for “Roses,” SAINt JHN is not recognized for getting on being completely independent every time he’s outside. However, the moments when he does indeed agree to go all-out, it shortly finishes up as a lot of pressure. This makes the singer not living at the discretion of independence. Also, he ends up not recalling what transpired the previous day. In the climax of the first verse, he makes it obvious that he has experienced it all. He understands that relationships don’t survive if they hurry into it. This is because he understands true love takes time.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse of “Roses” SAINt JHN brings in a citation to the motion-exercise understood as aerobics. In this exercise, people appear to be showing off. By showing off, the rapper depicts he’ll appear with pretentious commodities, and show off on people like he was in aerobics lessons flexing his strength. He utilizes the practice of a dual meaning. Firstly, he keeps “roses,” the blossom, and then he refers to “Rosé,” arose-colored drink. “Rose” and “Rosé” are phonetically analogous terms.

[Verse 3]

In the third verse of “Roses,” any job is good for him. They are nothing new aspects for SAINt JHN. There are no small or big jobs. He absolutely adores jobs as he’s been there and done that. They are so essential that he is ready to pay for less paying services better cause that gives him entertainment. But he perhaps doesn’t actually require to pay for their service in the first place, but will simply get what he wants because of his good branding skills and physical appearance.

Imanbek Roses Remix & TikTok

The original (clean) version of “Roses” by SAINt JHN was a breakout hit for him. However, thanks to the live TikTok dance challenge, the song wasn’t as big as it is today. The “Roses” remix by Imanbek in 2020 has an influx of edgy TikTok users to take the song to its current commercial success. This remix has given life to a song that was potentially forgotten in 2016 after the original song was dropped. However, the original is better than the remix one in my opinion.

Conclusion: Roses Meaning SAINt JHN

This version was uploaded as an unofficial remix to YouTube. Then, the video shortly earned interest and oversaw to raise more than 6 million attention in only four months. The song went viral in Russia and it began attracting a few TikTok stars as well. This version of the song is 07/10 because of the clean vibe to it. What do you think is the clean meaning behind the lyrics of the remix of the song “Roses” by SAINt JHN and Imanbek in the 2020 live TikTok dance trend? Let us know in the comments section below.

Roses Official Music Video

I was surprised by the tonality of the original version of the song. Watch the official music video of original “Roses” by SAINt JHN:

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the remix of the song “Roses” by SAINt JHN and Imanbek on Genius in detail.

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