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SEVENTEEN, Yawn: The English Lyrics Meaning


“Yawn,” written by WOOZI (우지), BUMZU & 이범훈 (Lee Beom Hun) (PRISMFILTER), is a song released on the 23rd of October, 2023. It is the sixth song from SEVENTEEN’s 2023 album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. The meaning of “Yawn” lyrics by SEVENTEEN is acceptance, empathy, and longing for love during separation from a long-term romantic partner. This song discusses the difficulty in communicating the end of the relationship with your partner. Also, it is about understanding that the other person was suffering the whole way through until they expressed their desire to separate.

You can listen to SEVENTEEN’s “Yawn” below.

Official Audio of “Yawn” by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN, Yawn: The English Lyrics Meaning

The verse of “Yawn” lyrics by SEVENTEEN is about spending time together with a lover under a moonlit sky. Here, the lyrics, “Over the passing moon // The air is moving away // When did it become so cold?” mean the singer feels desolated and he is now suddenly observant. He feels the pain of separation even though he doesn’t yet know why. This realization that things have changed for the worse makes him confused in the coming lines.

In the pre-chorus of the song, SEVENTEEN’s lead singer sings, “Rolling footsteps // On the piece of paper of my heart, full of scribbles of me.” This means the singer has an intense emotional connection with his lover who he wants to ask a favor of the reason for their separation. In the bridge of the song “Yawn,” the title of the song itself, “Yawn,” is repeated twice. A yawn is often a reflexive response to fatigue. But in the context of the song, it is a reflexive response to a lack of his lover’s presence around him as he lives with regrets and loneliness.

The chorus of “Yawn” lyrics by SEVENTEEN is about understanding and acceptance. Here, the singer sings, “I don’t hate you // You know it was a good choice.” This means that the singer has put himself in the shoes of his lover and understands it is good for her. He clarifies this further with the lines, “You couldn’t even tell me, it must’ve hurt so much // You must have been suffering alone.” We should understand that the reason why she doesn’t open up about the reason for the separation is that it hurts his lover as well! In the final chorus, he sings, “What made me breathe // It was all filled with you // My heart is lacking without you.” This means even though he understands the reason for the separation, the absence of his lover has left a void in his life. It’s almost as though this has opened a big hole in his heart.

Context: SEVENTEEN’s “Yawn” Lyrics Meaning In English Translation

SEVENTEEN is a South Korean boy band that released a new album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN, on the 23rd of October, 2023. The fans, also known as Carats, were speculating that they are getting a new album sneak peek video, according to Rolling Stone. We now know the vocal unit sings the song “Yawn.” Also, the preview for the song “Yawn,” written by Woozi, made it look like a sad song with some of the main vocals from the band.

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