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SEVENTEEN, SOS: The English Lyrics Meaning


“SOS,” written by WOOZI (우지), BUMZU, Shannon Bae & Marshmello, is a song released on the 23rd of October, 2023. It is the first song from SEVENTEEN’s 2023 album, SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN. The meaning of “SOS” lyrics by SEVENTEEN is how life’s unpredictability and the search for love increase friendship between people. This song longs for love and understanding from the singer’s romantic interest. He highlights how he needs support in times of trouble, and also sings that there is a hidden power in friendship and unity amongst us. You can listen to SEVENTEEN’s “SOS” below.

Official Audio of “SOS” by SEVENTEEN

SEVENTEEN, SOS: The English Lyrics Meaning

The intro of “SOS” lyrics by SEVENTEEN begins with the line “‘Mello, made it right” which is a reference to the producer, Marshmellow. Then, the first verse of the song begins with the singers VERNON, JOSHUA, and WOOZI describing their lives as a game of chance for as long as they live. Here, “infinite roulette” means life is unpredictable and our decisions can have irreversible consequences in our future. Our impulsive choices can lead us to regret later.

In the refrain of the song, the singers MINGYU and WONWOO say that they desire peace and happiness in life. They question their own choices and actions that have led to a state of discontent. Also, the singers want to find a way out of this sad situation. Here, the line “Where are we goin’ right now?” means they have a desire to search for purpose and direction in life. In the pre-chorus of the song, the singer DK asks, “Where is the love?” This means he longs for compassion and understanding but is unable to find it.

The chorus of “SOS” lyrics by S.COUPS and THE 8 shows their ongoing struggle. Here, the singers relate life to a “silent war” that no one asks for. Also, the phrase “shoot the S-O-S” means the singer’s desire for help and support when things fall apart. JOSHUA and HOSHI’s post-chorus means we should reach out to people whenever we need support. Our friends will always be there for us, ready to support us, and waiting to help us. In the second refrain, JUN and Jeonghan draw our attention to the changes in their lives. Here, “To the ocean, we don’t back down” means the singers are resilient and determined to find a way out.

In the second verse of the song, WOOZI and SEUNGKWAN sing about hiding our true selves and the dangers of trying to fit in. The line “If you feel the courage, yeah, go ahead and dial” means we should seek assistance when necessary. Only sharing our feelings can help us in the long run. Then, in the bridge section of the song, the artists S.COUPS, MINGYU, JOSHUA, WOOZI, and SEUNGKWAN, show resilience and hope. They encourage us to free ourselves from negative thoughts so that we can live a moderately happier lifestyle.

Context: SEVENTEEN’s “SOS” Lyrics Meaning In English Translation

According to Teen Vogue, the song “SOS” by SEVENTEEN is co-produced by Marshmello and it begins as an all-English song with a hint of rock. We don’t have to fight silent battles within ourselves. Instead, we can be vocal about our struggles so that our problems become our strengths rather than our weaknesses. This song shows us the difficulties we face with our impulses, difficulties in hiding our true selves, and hesitancy to seek support in need.

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