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Swings, Korean Copycat: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning


“Korean Copycat,” written by Swings, is a song released on the 27th of September. It is a diss track directed towards fellow rapper Sik-K. The title of the song, Korean Copycat, is a wordplay on the initials of Sik-K’s new label, KC. It is an abbreviation for Kwon Minsik Company. The meaning of “Korean Copycat” lyrics by Swings is an offensive diss track targeting Sik-K, critiquing his credibility, career, and actions. He uses his verses to attack Sik-K on his rap skills, his sense of fashion, and his career. This diss track is not merely a collection of insults. It is also a reflection of the complexities and rivalries between them in the Korean hip-hop scene.

You can listen to Swings’ “Korean Copycat” below.

Official Audio of “Korean Copycat” by Swings

Swings, Korean Copycat: the English Lyrics & Their Meaning

The first verse of “Korean Copycat” lyrics by Swings talks about Sik-K’s sketchy career as a rapper. Swings accuses Sik-K of masquerading as a musician. He says Sik-K fails to make an impact on shows like “Show Me The Money.” This song talks about Sik-K’s return to making music. Here, the rapper Swings questions if his fans can take Sik-K seriously. He also calls out Sik-K’s affiliation with politics and accuses Sik-K of copying other political leaders.

In the interlude, Swings mentions “neighboring rights.” These rights are about financial settlements that are managed by record labels during the contract period of an artist. This reference is to the complaints made by Sik-K on losing these rights. The second verse of the song talks about his involvement in plagiarism. Here, the rapper Swings loathes people who copy other’s works. He mentions Sik-K’s declining influence and declining interest of people during his live performance. Also, he questions Sik-K’s intelligence, physical appearance, and rap skills.

The Bridge section of “Korean Copycat” lyrics by Swings talks about his critique of Sik-K’s music and receiving silence from Sik-K in return. However, he is aware that his opinions are one-sided in this song. In the third verse, the rapper Swings gets personal. He attacks Sik-K’s sense of fashion and habits. Here, Swings pokes fun at Sik-K’s “belly-button tee.” This means that Sik-K copies the sense of fashion of famous leaders. The rapper berates Sik-K’s career by saying his popularity is tied to Swings’ success. In the outro, Swings declares himself the “final boss” of rap battles.

What Are the Lyrics of “Korean Copycat” by Swings In English Translation?

These are the lyrics of Swings’ “Korean Copycat” via Genius In English Translation:

Korean Copycat Lyrics

Back the f… up, back up
Back the f… up, back up

[Verse 1]
First, in the rap battle, stop pretending, you’re not a rapper
After failing Show Me The Money twice, you’re just a wannabe with bad vocals
Second, you’re not even a vocalist, have you seen a buzzing stage?
Before even starting the plagiarism talk, you’re not a musician
Third, you’re trying to switch back to being a rapper, I can’t stand it
How can Min-sik’s fans take you seriously?
If we meet in Itaewon, we’ll see, but Benji’s got 40
Fourth, I’m the real deal, you’re just Choi Seung-hyun’s follower
You don’t like politicians, so why did you call Jimmy?
Trying to tear down Black Nut and TOP, you even called them directly
You scribble on your face and make a call? That’s ridiculous
Doodles instead of lyrics? Because you’ve never been a rapper
In this game, it’s all competition, we could even contact each other
I’ve thought about it too, but I won’t mention justice
Your company has been CJ’s for 8 years, you know that, right?
And what’s wrong with selling a company?
So, why does KC belong to TOP if it’s not all yours?
7:3, 6:4, 5:5, divide it up
After the termination of neighboring rights, everything goes to me

Hello, this is Moon, the former chairman
For those outside the industry, I’ll briefly explain what was mentioned in the lyrics, “neighboring rights.”
“Neighboring rights” refers to the rights related to a song, typically held entirely by the record label.
During the artist’s contract period, the label handles the financial settlements regularly, such as monthly or periodic payments.
However, when an artist leaves the label, the label usually stops these settlements.
But in my case, it’s different.
Even though the label didn’t do it, I hope we continue to settle payments since it’s been great so far.
For example, artists like JUSTHIS and C JAMM, whom I love dearly, will continue to receive settlements like this.
However, in Sik-K’s case, he made a big fuss about losing his neighboring rights, and that’s how I got to know about it.
It’s quite unfortunate.
He used to plagiarize songs in the past, and now he’s complaining about not getting settlements.
Anyway, it’s not something I want to talk about now.
I’m leaving the chairmanship and going back to dissing.
Let’s go, Korean Copycat!

[Verse 2]
7:3, 6:4, 5:5, divide it up
After the termination of neighboring rights, everything goes to me
You’ve become less important, damn it, and you lost everything
You shouldn’t make money from plagiarism, just be thankful for what you have
People who rationalize plagiarism as a skill
Maybe that’s why your live skills have been declining for 10 years?
Anyway, why complain about the previous company to me?
You, Haon, should also give me your neighboring rights
You resigned from the chairman position, you coward, and you buried yourself under TOP
All you do is diss, Wingin, you sold yourself out
Your live skills are worse than high schoolers’, you can’t even make it to the finals on Show Me The Money
Copying skills are more important than rap skills
You said you hated me even though I ignored you, right?
Your tone, your voice, your attitude, your skills, they all smell like a kid
You’re not an artist, it’s a shame on your conscience, I swear
The guy who looks in the mirror and brags about his abs
Your intelligence is so low, you had to come and attack me
You plagiarize because you’re too unnoticed, and you think about me for 10 years
Even if I hire a prostitute for you, I doubt anyone will call your name as much as me
If the law disappeared for a day, I think I’d find someone else to target
You have a lack of lung capacity, my friend, trying sparring with me was a mistake
A red belt lyricist with an empty brain, you’re a jiu-jitsu player with no technique
People I fought against before were at least in the same weight class
You have to lose something for me to gain, they say
Who does a true master hate facing the most?
The strongest guy, you’d think? No, it’s the senseless clown
Why did you even buy that ugly font necklace?
With that money, you could have bought gym equipment or personal training sessions
Busted down, I’ll give you an oxygen tank, my gift to you
How many people from my company did you contact? I have plenty of talent, it’s overwhelming
Instead of that, why don’t you try scuba diving during that time?
Go underwater and hold your breath
Forget the trauma of being mocked on stage
You still haven’t fixed it, have you?
But think about it for a moment
Is it worth being ridiculed for hyperventilating on stage all your life?
Is your strategy “pass out on stage and then get plastic surgery”? Is that it?
Did you hear that you look like a soy sauce shrimp, Sik-K? You must be happy
You love me, right? You’re my h… now
Funeral-Sik-K, where do I sell everything?
Think about the shares, and speak after you know
I don’t have harsh feelings for those related to this, but, you know
Your previous company has been CJ’s since 8 years ago
And what’s wrong with selling a company?
Then why does KC belong to you and not TOP, huh?
7:3, 6:4, 5:5, divide it up
After the termination of neighboring rights, everything goes to me

But come to think of it, I dissed your music
You haven’t said a word about my music, have you?
But come to think of it, I dissed your music
You haven’t said a word about my music, not one word
But come to think of it, I dissed your music
You haven’t said a word about my music
You haven’t said a single word about my music

[Verse 3]
Sick-K, belly-button tee, no underwear under your pants
Even if you pretend to be tough down there, you’re a good guy inside
You can’t fix your bad habits no matter where you go
You criticize the company and then immediately cling to TOP
All you talk about is dissing, you even take selfies when you lack inspiration
You scribble on mirrors and draw other stuff when you touch yourself
KC Construction, CK Advertisements turned you down
Because you declared you’re a belly-button tee plus no underwear
The word “Sick” refers to a lung disease
And you’re often a fake, unless you occasionally win without exaggeration
You’ve been in the music scene for 17 years and opened up the 24th JM
When I look at your name, it says “Sik-K,” I get sleepy
One time, I passed out at the hair salon while getting my hair permed
But you pass out whenever and wherever you want
You must think it’s an accomplishment to have people call you “cool”
Why don’t you just follow me around with your chest bare?
If it weren’t for my albums, you’d be gone by now, seriously
The same people have been listening to your music for years
And you act tough just because you got a little bit of clout, don’t you?
You can say all you want
But I think you’ll be popular as long as my albums do well
You’re just a chameleon, I’ll change the environment
You’ll eventually change your colors too, you’ll adapt
I’ll keep writing songs, you keep getting tattoos
You’re the one with the bigger body, the two of you are big together
I’m going to pick a song for you, take off your belly-button tee
I need to see if there’s a bigger guy on stage

Nucksal, BIG Naughty, Skull, I’ve seen everything
My color doesn’t change, I’m a chameleon rapper
SMTM, KINGDOM, it’s all easy for me
In the end, I’m a rapper, I’m hip-hop
I know, I know, it’s already over
You’ve lost, you’ve lost, why are you in denial?
You were defeated and destroyed
You were already beaten, why are you here?
In my eyes, you’re nothing
I don’t even need to diss you anymore
SMTM 777, I’m the final boss, I’m the king
You’re not even an opponent, you’re just prey
You’re nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
You’re not even a shadow, a speck of dust
Go away, go away, go away, go away
F… you, You’re nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing

Swings’ “Korean Copycat” Lyrics In English Translation

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