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End of the Snake Era for Taylor Swift! ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Review


Taylor Swift – ‘You Need to Calm Down’ Review

Well, now we know Taylor Swift isn’t spending 2019 silent. She is coming up with a brand new album ‘Lover’. But get ready to miss the snake ‘Taylor Swift’. The regular and brighter Taylor Swift is back in this album. Let’s review a new track by Taylor Swift, You Need to Calm Down.

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  • Opinion I

After listening to her new single, I’m seriously torn by Taylor Swift. The first thing is first, the instrumental on this track is fantastic. There are some stunning moments musically. The vocal harmonies in the song are the best things on this track.

  • Opinion II

I really appreciate very heavy and bassy synth grooves backed up by the drums on this track. The track has got the modern and new wave of the era vibe to it. It almost reminds me of an LCD sound system. The song sounds very chill with easy going LCD sound system.

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  • Opinion III

Instead of using an aggressive tone to the song like that of “Reputation era”, the song ‘You Need to Calm Down’ sounds pretty and melodramatic. There is a modernized new wave quality to the song which I think is impeccable.

  • Opinion IV

Beyond the better musical composition on this track, the lyrics used in ‘You Need to Calm Down’ are trash. For some reasons, she cannot let go of the “snake” personality. She probably won’t stop talking about the snake thing until the day she dies. Meanwhile, everyone that is connected to the whole ‘Snake’ drama has moved on with their lives.


  • Opinion I

In overall, this track is just a regular song about haters and trolls. There is no shortage of songs with these themes in 2019. But lyrically, it is one of the better tracks on this topic. The song doesn’t bring anything new to the table really.

  • Opinion II

Taylor Swift needs to take several seeds and then try to restore the peace. She needs to control her urges to scream about the people she hates. If she wants to write a song about generic internet drama, then this is her summer anthem. If the only thing she does is stay obsessed with the negative things people say about her on the internet, then, this is her jam.

Personal Take

I give ‘You Need to Calm Down’ by Taylor Swift a decent 05/10 in the Lyrics Review category. The track brings a new wave in the instrumentation of the song but goes back to Taylor’s purgatory in the writing quality of the song.


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