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Why Do You Feel Like a Burden? The 1975 – Frail State of Mind Lyrics Meaning


The 1975 – Frail State of Mind Lyrics Meaning

The 1975 seems to be all set for their upcoming fourth studio album Notes on a Conditional Form. ‘Frail State of Mind’ is the third single released till the date from the album. It is clear from the title of the song itself that the song is about the instability of our mental space. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Frail State of Mind” by The 1975.

We all feel unimpressed with our lives sometimes. It is natural to feel worthless from time to time. The lyrics of ‘Frail State of Mind’ is trying to relate with the listeners that it is okay to be unstable. Everyone feels lonely and it is not a matter of embarrassment. It is important to note that people have their own ways to deal with their anxieties.

Introduction: Frail State of Mind Lyrics

According to NME, The 1975 have gone deep into the nocturnal state of anxiety in their latest single ‘Frail State of Mind’. The singer is humiliated by his own mental state. Whenever he feels as though he has created an uncomfortable situation, he leaves the place willingly. This might come off as a rude behavior but it is even worse to waste someone else’s time.

The listeners will relate to the song multiple times when they go through the lyrics of ‘Frail State of Mind’. That is exactly what dealing with anxiety feels and sounds like. The singer goes to expressing a pang of disappointment for being apologetic about not being able to be that person who the society expects you to be. There is a remarkable erroneous sense of calmness in the song.

Frail State of Mind Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Frail State of Mind’ by The 1975 section-wise.


The intro of the song initiates with the finger-pointing at the core subject of the song, i.e. Frail State of Mind. This song could either allude to the social anxiety Matthew Healy has been dealing with lately or describe his love for the dr*gs. Let’s go through the lyrics of ‘Frail State of Mind’ and try to decode the various meaning of the song by The 1975.

[Verse 1]

To take a break so as to go outside seems to be highly unlikely for a person with social anxiety. Even when the friends of such a person try to keep in touch, they’re usually ignored. Whenever they call such people, their calls are never received. Sometimes, these anxious people just watch the phone ring. It usually happens when the person doesn’t feel confident that the people around him actually like him/her. Such anxious people feel like they are wasting the time of people around them.


In the chorus, Matty talks to himself. He tells himself not to cry. It is really not his fault even though it looks like it. The singer tries his best to put himself together all the time. However, sometimes his neural network just sends him to the darker place automatically. It just happens. As soon as he gets the epiphany of him going off the mood, he kindly leaves his place. He doesn’t want people to have a bad time because of his anxiety. The singer feels leaving is the only respectful choice to make in that scenario.

[Verse 2]

As he intends to leave the social setting he is at, one of his friends tells him to stay at his place so that Matty would feel less lonely. But the singer refutes the proposal of his friend by assuring his friend that he will be alright. His anxiety isn’t a problem anymore. It is a companion of his life with whom he should spend the rest of his life. Matthew is embarrassed by the fact that everyone around him is aware of his anxiety and people treat him differently for the same reason.


The singer is still around his friends. His friends want to know what is the feeling and check his vibe. However, Matty turns those questions down by saying “I should have been in bed by now”. His vulnerability has made him insecure in the social setting. Matthew promises to leave by nine and tells his friends to do their things. He wants them not to worry about him constantly.

However, this time his friends fire back. They want to help him cope with his anxiety but Matthew never opens up. One of his friends gives an ultimatum that if he keeps lying, they will leave him. It is particularly upsetting because every time they want him to open up, he keeps replying “I’m fine” to them, which is obviously very difficult to digest considering the fact that they’ve seen Matty struggling and fighting with himself!

Conclusion: Frail State of Mind Meaning

Dealing with anxiety can be toxic to the people around you as well. You feel like a burden because you won’t open up thinking people won’t be able to understand you. The only thing you should be doing is open up. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Frail State of Mind” by The 1975? Let us know in the comments section below.

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