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The Song of Ice and Fire – Dream of Prince Aegon: Meaning


The Song of Ice and Fire – Dream of Prince Aegon: Meaning

The meaning of “the song of Ice and Fire” is the reborn of Azor Ahai (the prince who was promised) and is based on the dream of Prince Aegon. Fans have been looking for the meaning of “the song of ice and fire” prophecy obsessively after the 8th episode of a popular TV series, House of Dragons, aired on the 9th of October, 2020. The message of “the song of ice and fire” has been passed on from successor to successor along with the assumption that a Targaryen must, at all costs, sit on the Iron Throne. If they are to outlive the forecasted Long Night (the appearance of the White Walkers), they must respect the prophecy.

Many in my line have been dragon riders. Very few among us have been dreamers. What is the power of a dragon, next to the power of prophecy?

King Viserys I to Queen Alicent

The prophecy was the sole reason why King Viserys I told the Sea Snake, Lord Corlys Velaryon, that the offspring of Laenor Velaryon and Rhaenyra Targaryan could simply keep the surname ‘Velaryon’ until one of them was crowned king or queen, then, they’d have to be renamed Targaryen. This belief has, we can just speculate, bolstered the idea within House Targaryen for a long time that they need to keep their blood pure and thick, promoting incest.

“From my blood come the prince that was promised and his will be the song of ice and fire.”

the prophecy as written on the dagger of the King Viserys I

The dagger revealed its original message only after it was heated to a very high temperature. Watch the video below to understand how secretive this knowledge was for the Targaryan dynasty:

King Viserys I tells Rhaenyra Targaryan about the prophecy in “The Song of Ice and Fire”

Dream of Prince Aegon:

Our histories, they tell us, Aegon looked across the Blackwater from Dragonstone, saw land ripe for the capture, but ambition alone is not what drove him to conquest. It was a dream.

Just as Daenys foresaw the end of Valyria, Aegon foresaw the end of the world of men. It is to begin with a terrible winter, gusting out of the distant North. Aegon saw absolute darkness riding on those winds and whatever dwells within will destroy the world of the living.

When this great winter comes, Rhaenyra, all of us, Westeros must stand against it. And if the world of men is to survive, a Targaryen must be seated on the Iron Throne. A king or queen, strong enough to unite the realm against the cold and the dark.

Aegon called his dream The Song of Ice and Fire. This secret, it has been passed down from king to heir since Aegon’s time. Now you must promise to carry it and protect it. Promise me this, Rhaenyra, promise me.

King Viserys I to Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen

Dreams foreseeing the future are common in the Targaryen bloodline. To see how real it can get, we can watch the Game of Thrones series where Daenerys Targaryen gets a vision of the iron throne but everything around her was destroyed. When she conquers Westeros, she destroyed everything by burning King’s Landing using her favorite dragon, Drogon. Her dreams came true. So is the case with Aegon’s dream of The Song of Ice and Fire. The long night actually arrives to haunt Westeros.

King Viserys I and Queen Alicent on The Prince Who Was Promised

During his final moments of being alive, King Viserys I could hardly recognize anyone he was talking to. Right before his death, he misperceived Queen Alicent as Princess Rhaenyra and he revealed Aegon’s prophecy to the Queen. While King Viserys I was talking about Aegon, the Conquerer, Queen Alicent misunderstood it as if the King was talking about her firstborn son, Aegon II Targaryen. For King Viserys I, he was talking to, “his only daughter”, Princess Rhaenyra but Queen Alicent misunderstood.

Do not allow your temper to guide your judgement.

King Viserys I to Queen Alicent

Aegon, the Conquerer carved the prophecy in his dagger so that only the rightful successor can read the message. However, Queen Alicent believes her late husband King Viserys I Targaryen told her that Aegon II Targaryen is the prince who was promised. She feels so entitled to have her son claim the iron throne when King Viserys I has been saying Princess Rhaenyra is the successor for decades. But it has become problematic because of the following reasons:

  1. Queen Alicent knows about the prophecy
  2. She believes the prophecy is about her son, Aegon II Targaryen, who is the prince who was promised.

Purity of the Targaryen Blood for The Song of Ice and Fire

We know, Princess Rhaenyra is the only pure-blood Targaryen child of King Viserys I. But children between King Viserys I and Queen Alicent have the same level of Targaryen blood as children between Princess Rhaenyra and Ser Harwin Strong. If the blood matters, one of the children between Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and the rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen is the prince who was promised. It could be either Aegon III Targaryen or Viserys II Targaryen, two children between Rhaenyra and Daemon.

No, no, my good knight, do not fear for me. The fire is mine. I am Daenerys Stormborn, daughter of dragons, bride of dragons, mother of dragons, don’t you see? Don’t you SEE?

A quote by Daenerys Targaryen

This makes sense as both Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen were related to Viserys II Targaryen. Even the show Game of Thrones did not make it clear who “the prince who was promised” really is. In the song of Ice and Fire, the prince who was promised was Jon Snow, real name is Aegon Targaryen (Ice), Daenerys Targaryen (Fire). So, their combined effort to fight the white walkers during the long night is truly the Song of Ice and Fire.

The Song of Ice (Aegon Targaryen, aka Jon Snow) and Fire (Daenerys Targaryen)

Conclusion: The Song of Ice and Fire Meaning

The song of Ice and Fire means the dream of Aegon, the Conqueror who foresees a long night and the reborn of the prince who was promised. Azor Ahai, the prince who was promised, come from the bloodline of Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen and the rogue Prince Daemon Targaryen. Even though the prophecy refers to “the prince” as singular, both Jon Snow, aka Aegon Targaryan (Ice), and Daenerys Targaryen (Fire) are Azor Ahai reborn to fight the long night for the history of Westeros.

The idea that we control the dragons is an illusion. They’re a power man should never have trifled with. One that brought Valyria its doom. If we don’t mind our own histories, it will do the same to us.

King Viserys I to Princess Rhaenyra

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