Analysis for Lyrics Meaning of TOKYO’S REVENGE – GOODMORNINGTOKYO!

Analysis for Lyrics Meaning of TOKYO’S REVENGE – GOODMORNINGTOKYO!


The song ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’ has just crossed over a million streams on his SoundCloud. This is the first song by TOKYO’s REVENGE to cross a million streams on any music streaming outlet yet. This track had been seen as a major accomplishment already since the song was used as comedy tapes on YouTube and TikTok. On top of that, it is just a good track overall. However, the track has been taking off since December of 2019. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song by TOKYO’S REVENGE titled ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’

Introduction: Lyrics GOODMORNINGTOKYO!

The lyrics of this extremely popular track ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’ is from the rising artist, TOKYO’S REVENGE, from the eastern coast. In the track, the rapper calls out phony artists, turmoil in Compton, and unsafe sexual practices on a trap beat that goes heavy as the song reaches its climax. The song is developed by Cliiifford. The headline of the track pertains to its consequences as a kind of an intro to a new fanbase who are just discovering him.


Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song by TOKYO’S REVENGE ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’ section-wise.

[Intro: TOKYO’S REVENGE & Joey Trap]

The intro is very explicit and not family-friendly. However, this is the type of song youngsters are used to listening to just to be cool around their friends. So, we can expect the fanbase of the artist to be pre-teenagers and a few teenagers.


The chorus section emphasizes on the fact that he is openly disliked by the upcoming wave of hip-hop artists. He calls out the rappers who are just loud and who offer nothing to the table for music, neither musically nor lyrically. This is how TOKYO’S REVENGE wants to stand out against the surge of phony rappers that add no value in music. Then, he proceeds to introduce himself and then the verse of the song begins.


The rapper always has to confront his competitor in the parking lot. He should always be ready to face all kinds of attacks from all places. Therefore, he walks around with his dog to know who is nearby waiting to attack him just to feel safe in the neighborhood. The artist often faces a lot of trouble with the drivers that pull up just to provoke him for a fight. This has concerns regarding the safety issues in Compton. However, none of these issues seem to matter to him since he is all about money and jewelry. So, as long as he is getting what he wants, he is okay with anything that comes along his way to success.


This section is where the artist goes absolutely crazy. He talks about “toe-sucking services” and pushes his social media handle. The outro doesn’t make any sense whatsoever. What we can discern from this is the song is just another noisy song calling out other noisy artists. It’s nothing new.

Conclusion: Meaning of GOODMORNINGTOKYO!

The song ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’ has nothing to do with Tokyo and Japan. It is just another noisy song that got popular because it sounds cool for the youngsters. The irony is, the rapper is calling out other rappers for being noisy while he himself is being very loud and obnoxious. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song by TOKYO’S REVENGE titled ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song by TOKYO’S REVENGE ‘GOODMORNINGTOKYO!’ on Genius in detail.

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