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Why are Facts of the Song ‘Falling’ Lyrics Meaning by Trevor Daniel Such a Hype?


Trevor Daniel – Falling Lyrics Meaning

With a claim to fame from TikTok’s love for the song ‘Falling’, Trevor Daniel is here trying to make it into Billboard Hot 100. The song is built around the familiar concepts of falling for another person after going through a rough heartbreak previously. It’s nothing new, but it’s still worthy of the approval from the sad teenagers. After all, it’s a pretty good song. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Falling’ by Trevor Daniel and see the hype of the facts.

Introduction: Falling Lyrics

The lyrics of the song ‘Falling’ talks about the promise that Trevor Daniel made to himself after his previous heartbreak. He swore to himself so as not to get himself into another romantic relationship. However, he is changing his mentality on the subject after his encounter with someone he believes he can relate himself to. Trevor is ready to commit himself to another romantic relationship if he gets what he wants from his romantic interest. He is ready to give everything he’s got to his crush only if he is treated with respect.

Falling Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Falling’ by Trevor Daniel section-wise to see the hype of the facts.


After recalling our hearts getting shredded out of your chest, it’s tough to believe anyone or expect anything from anyone. Likewise, the singer would torture himself to make him emotionally unavailable so as not to fall for anyone ever again. But now he is feeling as if there is somebody who could deviate his sanity under favorable situations. At the current stage in his life, he encounters a new crush who rewrites the story of his broken heart to pursue commitment once again.


The singer wishes to feel like he is being loved. As actions speak louder than the words, Trevor wants his new love interest to show him that she actually cares about him than just say “I care about you”. Daniel confesses to his newfound love that he’s been a mess before he found her. He was being completely himself but it was kind of unhealthy and reckless in practice. Trevor is trying his best to keep this relationship working cause he doesn’t want to end up heartbroken again.


Even though he had sworn to himself that he will not fall for someone harder, he is falling off the promises he had been making for himself to make him feel better previously as this mentality was easier for him to move on from his previous relationship. Trevor Daniel knows he’s repeating the same relationship cycle but he believes it will be better over time. He is going to follow the waves of the new rollercoaster of a relationship and hope for the best. For him, it’s worth it to face the heartbreak again than to lose someone who could turn out to be love of his life.


Trevor Daniel is still trying to act as if he is going to stand with his promises that he will never give himself completely to his romantic partner. But it will just be a suppressed voice in his head which will reappear only after the heartbreak. It is all butterflies and pleasure in the initial phase of a relationship. But he knows he will never learn from his previous heartbreaks and go after the same mistakes that he had made once.

Conclusion: Falling Meaning by Trevor Daniel

Trevor Daniel is spilling facts with us. Even though we feel like we are going to get tougher and wiser in a dent of time, we go back to what had hurt us the most in our former relationships. Everyone has this toxic trait whether we like it or not. What do you think is the hype of the facts hidden as meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Falling’ by Trevor Daniel? Let us know in the comments section below.

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