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Hopeful Song by twenty one pilots ‘Level of Concern’ Lyrics Meaning


twenty one pilots – Level of Concern Lyrics Meaning

Honestly, you don’t need to understand politics in order to acknowledge this. China has declared a war against the whole world by letting Coronavirus spread throughout the world. They are killing people without dropping bombs and we think it’s just a pandemic. Also, they are profiting off of the masks that they are manufacturing commercially. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Level of Concern’ by twenty one pilots (top), only at Laviasco, about being hopeful at difficult times.

Introduction: Level of Concern Lyrics

It is a “simple but hopeful” song about Tyler’s feelings pertaining to Coronavirus pandemic. In the lyrics for the song “Level of Concern”, Tyler’s emotions are assumed to be disseminated with his spouse Jenna. Furthermore, he implores them for solace, even if it is not true to look for meaning in his life. The singer is motivated to music during the epidemic to assist the employees in the live music business. Tyler agreed on rendering his first undertaking at composing on an electric guitar as well.

Level of Concern Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Level of Concern’ by twenty one pilots section-wise, exclusively at Laviasco, about being hopeful during Coronavirus pandemic.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Post-Chorus]

Always, during periods of emergencies, people fabricate that life is taking off to be bigger. But they don’t certainly believe that is going to happen. hey simply tell they will calm those near them. This reveals the working wedding connection between Tyler Joseph and his wife Jenna. Here, both of them assist and back each other as pairs should. Jenna constantly uploads the update of their lives on Instagram. The singer is assumably inquiring of convenience from his spouse Jenna as mentioned in the lyrics for the song “Level of Concern”.

[Verse 1]

‘Level of Concern’ was dropped at the fame of the Coronavirus pandemic with a lot of the lyrics for the song are reflectors of what was transpiring on the Earth at this period in history. “World has gone insane” is a plausible citation to the reality that the World Health Organization (WHO) had just announced the outburst of COVID-19 a widespread epidemic. “Panic on the brain” extensively cites to the condition of alarm that several people experienced, with numerous people purchasing stocks out of stores like toilet paper.

[Pre-Chorus/ Bridge/ Outro]

“Would you be my little quarantine?” might as well be wordplay to “Will you be my Valentine?”. The countries all across the world are motivated to isolate themselves in their residence. This will hopefully assist to hinder the stretch rate of Coronavirus Pandemic, and with the USA administering state-wise stay-at-home rules. The Pre-Chorus of ‘Level of Concern’ is hinting at the romantic getaway during the period of lockdown. People haven’t forgotten their sense of humor and romance even at this point.

[Verse 2]

Michael Gibson, as mentioned in the second verse for “Level of Concern”, was twenty øne piløts’ supervisor for almost five years. Gibson quit his job with the group in August of 2016 only after Blurryface was 2x multi-platinum at the RIAA. With the Coronavirus arrived stay-at-home declarations from every state to their citizens. Nevertheless, multiple people challenged this rule because of their intention to stay in touch with their loved ones. This heightened their chances of catching Coronavirus and being imprisoned. But they see it as a potential threat in edict to expend a few moments with people.

The bunker that the singer is referring to in ‘Level of Concern’ is probably his office area of the cellar. It is ambitious of Tyler Joseph to have his personal reliable room to dabble, fiddle, and compose like that. He is establishing a kind of mini-home for him inside his own residence. The cellar was inaugurated at the time of the leaking of “My Blood”. Subsequently, his label, Warner, agreed on to drop the song fast as it was getting viral on YouTube. They let Tyler upload a currently unlisted video. In the video, he fiddling at the office recording in his fresh room inside his house.

Conclusion: Level of Concern Meaning

The music video for this song reveals Tyler and Josh quarantined in their residences with their respective households. They work together on the track and the video as well. The music video by shipping out the USB drive from the sole composition to each other. I mean, it is smart, considering the number of songs getting leaked on the internet these days. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Level of Concern’ by twenty one pilots? Let us know in the comments section below.

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