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Who Is the Real HeartEater? XXXTENTACION – HEARTEATER Lyrics Meaning



The XXXTentacion camp is about to roll out the second posthumous album of the singer, titled ‘Bad Vibes Forever’. One of the most startling and curious songs from the album, ‘Hearteater’ was released on October 23, 2019. As X’s fans await the music video of the song, the cover art for it is already out. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Hearteater’ by XXXTentacion.

The graphic cover art features Geneva Ayala, the woman he loved, appearing to be actually having bitten into a blood-smeared heart. This is the same woman who he was charged with abusing. She is also expected to appear in the video of the song. X, in his lifetime, had expressed a desire for Geneva to be included in the song’s video.

Introduction: HEARTEATER Lyrics

X’s relationship with Ayala finds a constant mention in his music. His debut album, ‘17’, even included a song named after her.

Interestingly having taken a beating to his reputation with charges of felony, he later on actually aimed to provide assistance to homeless people who were complete strangers to him, through his venture ‘Helping Hand Foundation’.

HEARTEATER Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song Hearteater by XXXTentacion section-wise.


The song is in a conversation style. The singer asks his past lover, why did she eat his heart. You cannot help but imagine the girl cutting his heart out and gnawing at it! Hair-raising as it may sound, X must have been shattered to come up with a song as violently painful as this! The girl has broken his heart, not just broken, she has gone on to devour its pieces. Sounds like the protagonist witnessed the entire gruesome act unleashing right in front of him, to himself!

He seems to not have breathed his last yet. And is asking the girl if why, why has she done this to him and that she is, in fact, upset to see that the protagonist has not died as yet. She appears to be surprised to still see him breathing. He is almost challenging her to draw his last breath out of him, challenging her to kill him.

And he is lying there telling her that he knows what she is doing to him and that her sin, her offense has not gone unnoticed. All through the song, he is reiterating these words, labeling the girl as the ‘Hearteater’!


The girl is not just the ‘eater of hearts’ but is poison personified. She has poison gushing through her own veins and with the macabre wound that she has inflicted on the protagonist, she has injected the same venom into him too. The woman is a venomous murderous witch one would think.

And probably that is how all the men who have been cheated on or exploited in love feel about the perpetrators. One heck of a scandalous story this narrator has. And the listener cannot help but marvel at the bare honesty with which the singer has expressed the plight of his heart!

Conclusion: Hearteater Meaning

What do you think of the abused girl coming into his music? Is she just in for the money? What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of Hearteater by XXXtentacion? Let us know in the comments below.

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