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What Is Yeat ‘Rich Minion’ Lyrics Meaning?


Yeat – Rich Minion Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat is the braggadocious tone of his wealth and his ties with the minions. It’s true that the rapper has had huge financial success in his career. With money, there come connections and with connections, there comes his social status. On top of that, the tone of the song is funny. Therefore, people seem to be enjoying it quite a lot because of its uniqueness. It’s giving off Playboi Carti vibes as well.

‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat means the rapper is flexing his wealth in millions as well as his social status because of his ties to the minions.

Introduction: Rich Minion Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat celebrate the rapper’s financial success and how charitable he is. With the help of the song, the rapper expresses hate for the movie’s antagonist vector. Some people are going as far as to say this song has ended Yeat’s era as an underground rapper. The lyrics are real, the song is real, and it’s happening right now. As a cultural phenomenon that began on the 28th of June, 2022, the full analysis of the song line by line is below.

I count money (Nuh-nuh-nuh, nuh-nuh-nuh, no)
I swerve in a Humvee (Nuh-nuh-nuh)
I just went crazy, I did it (4x)
I made a song for the Minions, uh
How much they paid me? A million, uh
I shop and then donate to charity (Woo, I donate it to charity)
Take a cranky, I be smacking the ceiling, uh
I call my Minion my children (Children)
I call my children my Minions
We taking over the world (The world)
We make a whole lot of millions

Lyrics to ‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat

Rich Minion Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat line by line in detail.

‘Rich Minion’ is the final and the 20th song off a major motion picture film, Minions: The Rise of Gru. The release date of the song is the 28th of June, 2022.

[Intro/ Outro/ Chorus: The Minions & Yeat]

The intro and outro of ‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat contain unintelligible yet funny sounds which are entertaining for the younger audience. Anyone familiar with the minion movie knows that the Minions speak a unique language, containing high-pitched sounds and inflections. The chorus of the song has Yeat getting braggadocious about his wealth. He says he calls his children his minions and his minions his children. Here, the rapper mentions that he is charitable.

[Verse 1]

In the first verse, Yeat begins by calling himself a rich minion. He expresses his disdain towards the antagonist, Vector, from the minion movie series. As he continues into the verse, he talks about his diamonds and Grumobile, which is a weaponized, rocket-powered vehicle used for Gru and the Minions. Yeat talks about how he can be unintelligible sometimes but he is trying his best to make some sense while making all the money he can make on the side.

[Verse 2]

The second verse for ‘Rich Minion begins with Yeat saying that his body is full of diamonds. As he gets more and more attention from people in the industry, he has been in high demand as of late. Because of his high demand, he is making a lot of money and is able to afford as many minions as he wants to have in his house. Yeat reveals that he was paid at least $2 million for this particular song. Then, he ends the verse by saying he doesn’t care about anything other than making money.

Conclusion: Rich Minion Meaning

The meaning of the song ‘Rich Minion’ by Yeat is him accepting his immense wealth and his respect in the hip-hop industry. Yeat as the rapper for the song makes total sense as his voice sounds almost as though the minions are singing the song for the movie itself. The vocal blend is perfect and people love the song a lot.

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What is a minion?

A minion is someone generally unimportant who is a follower of someone in a powerful position. ‘Minions’ is an animated movie about the same concept. We can see minions as tiny yellow characters, mainly Kevin, Stuart, and Bob, who are eager to serve their evil boss, Gru.

Gentle Minions TikTok Trend Meaning:

The ‘Gentle Minions’ TikTok trend means to go watch ‘Minions: The Rise of Gru’ by putting on a suit and acting like the minions. Yeat’s ‘Rich Minion’ lyrics allude to having a lot of money after singing for Minions. So, in order to look as though they have a lot of money, people are on a suit to look like someone rich and powerful.

I got diamonds on my body, I got every flavor
I’m in high demand, got a lot of millions

Lyrics to Rich Minion by Yeat

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