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Zach Bryan – Starved: Lyrics Meaning


Zach Bryan – Starved Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the song ‘Starved’ by Zach Bryan is that one relationship will always be special for us all. On the 10th of October 2022, American singer Zach Bryan shared a song titled ‘Starved’ with his fans. The song was publicized on Youtube as it was played live. Everyone instantly fell in love with the song. The fans are passionately searching up and reading the lyrics of the song. They are searching for the true meaning of the song as well, which is described in the article below.

You can locate the official video of ‘Starved’ by Zach Bryan below. Also, you can read the rest of the article while the song plays for you in the background.

Official Video for ‘Starved’ by Zach Bryan

Starved Lyrics Meaning

In the lyrics for the song ‘Starved’, Zach Bryan reminisces the time spent with his favorite romantic interest from the past. He is recalling his favorite romantic interest as someone who has left an imprint in his remembrances. But soon, he comes back to his senses to realize that this attachment is not possible at all for some reason. We will try to dissect the reasons in this article. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Starved’ by Zach Bryan line by line in detail.

‘Starved’ by Zach Bryan means the recollection of someone from the past who can never be replaced by anybody else.

[Verse 1]

If I had the chance babe
To go back in time maybe I’d try a time or two
This life took you in babe
The same one that reminds me I could never love me like you do
The road is so hard dear
I bet there’s some hometown bar that we could be
But I just had a dream dear
It’s you in the late fall all warm swarmed by the midday’s light

Verse 1 to ‘Starved’ Lyrics by Zach Bryan


In the first verse of ‘Starved’ lyrics, Zach Bryan sings that he would try to go back in time if he had a chance to. He says this, of course, cause he has not been able to forget this one particular romantic interest in his life. Oftentimes, he understands that he won’t find someone as loving as that one person was to him. He feels like they could hang out in one bar in their hometown. But the singer suddenly wakes up from his dream only to remember her in the midday light.

[Chorus/ Outro]

And we’re laying on the roof of my car
Feeling young, feeling numb, feeling starved
Of all the things that a moment might be
This one’s best kept a memory
The purest parts of my heart are you and me

Chorus to ‘Starved’ Lyrics by Zach Bryan


Zach Bryan gives us more detail of what was so special about that one particular relationship in the chorus of ‘Starved’ lyrics. He says that they are lying down on the roof of his car. They both feel very young, also numb, and starved because the relationship wasn’t working out for them. But this is weirdly the best memory he has had before they broke up. The singer says his heart is not all his anymore. His heart has the purest parts of her and the purest parts of him to make him whole.

[Verse 2/ Outro]

I love when your grin grows
The corners of your lips lifting lift me when I’m low
I read in the good book
The best things in life are free and need to be let go
So take one last good look
Let’s share one last cigarette
I’ll be gone by the time you’re ashing it
Stop asking things you know the answers to
There’s no world in which I am good for you

Verse 2 to ‘Starved’ Lyrics by Zach Bryan


The beginning of the second verse and the outro to ‘Starved’ lyrics by Zach Bryan is the same. He compliments her smile. Zach adds that her smile lifts his mood and cheers him up. Then, he talks about a book that has affected him deeply. The book said, “the best things in life are free and need to be let go”. So, he wants to take one good look at her and share one cigarette together for the last time. He promises to let her go while she will be ashing the cigarette.

Conclusion: Starved Meaning Zach Bryan

‘Starved’ by Zach Bryan means his hunger for affection by this one particular romantic interest is just wishful thinking. He wants something to be true even when he knows it’s impossible to be true. Zach knows for him to be truly happy and to move on, he has to let her go. But in his lyrics, he wants to believe there are some possibilities to see his romantic interest one last time before he finally lets her go. It’s very sad that many of us experience this for one person in our lives.

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