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Aliyah’s Interlude, IT GIRL: TikTok Song Meaning Explained


“IT GIRL,” written by Aliyah’s Interlude, is a song released on the 30th of September, 2023. It is the debut single for her upcoming album. Here, “IT GIRL” means “I’m That GIRL” and it is viral all over TikTok. The meaning of the song “IT GIRL” lyrics by Aliyah’s Interlude is her transition to pop stardom with her fierce self-expression & liberty. Her online movement, #aliyahcore, is now a cultural phenomenon. This movement began with her iconic boots and swimsuit looks. She is a 20-year-old artist and she embraces her career in music with energizing lyrics in this song. You can listen to Aliyah’s Interlude’s “IT GIRL” below.

Official Audio of “IT GIRL” by Aliyah’s Interlude

Aliyah’s Interlude, IT GIRL: TikTok Song Meaning Explained

The intro of the song, “IT GIRL” lyrics begins with Aliyah’s Interlude introducing herself. Here, the term “Aliyahcore” means Aliyah follows a lifestyle that is liberating. She adopts the fashion movement that encourages self-expression without fear of judgment. Also, the fashion trend associated with Aliyahcore includes elements like garters, fishnet stockings or arm sleeves, multiple belts, fur accents, and stylish boots. The Pre-Chorus of the song boasts that she is the icon of the fashion world. She gets annoyed by the frequent calls she gets because of her beauty and her sense of fashion.

In the Chorus of the song, Aliyah Bah begins with “I-T G-I-R-L // You know I am that girl.” Here, the phrase “I’m That GIRL” means she is the girl who is present in the moment and has good energy. Her energy is so captivating that she commands the whole room and becomes the center of attention in an instant. In the Post-Chorus of the song, Aliyah expresses her frustration over people who are jealous of her success. She says that her haters just talk bad about her and show jealousy without putting any effort into being where she is today in terms of her career. In the Bridge section of the song, she continues to tell her fans that we should be confident regardless of what people say. We have to stay true to ourselves because, at the end of the day, all we’ve got is us.

The verse of “IT GIRL” lyrics by Aliyah’s Interlude begins with the lines, “Trendsetter, b…, don’t be actin’ surprised // AliyahCore to the moon, wanna see my demise”. She directs these lines to people who are jealous of her. Aliyah tells them she is a trendsetter even though they act surprised in disbelief. Here, the phrase “Aliyahcore to the moon” means that the expression of her freedom and liberty is at its peak. Also, “Wanna see my demise” means people want her to fail in her career. Throughout the verse, she talks about how she doesn’t waste her time on petty online battles on social media. She goes as far as to say that she is loved by people who are pretty and she is hated by people who she finds are ugly. Aliyah also talks about flying out for a Vogue shoot in this verse. Read the complete original lyrics of Aliyah’s Interlude’s “IT GIRL” via Genius.

Context of TikTok “IT GIRL” Song Meaning by Aliyah’s Interlude

According to Girls United (Essence), Aliyah Bah goes by the stage name of Aliyah’s Interlude. Artists like Beyoncé and Doja Cat inspire her. Her music reflects her experiences in the LGBTQ and ballroom scene in New York. She inspires young Black girls to break their boundaries and explore their hidden talents. Aliyah’s determination makes her seamlessly blend fashion and songwriting. This can be proven by comparing the cover as well as the lyrics of the “IT GIRL” song itself. She defies societal norms and is a role model for dark-skinned Black women.

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