Selena Gomez & Kid Cudi in ‘A Sweeter Place’ Lyrics Meaning Want Happiness & Peace


Selena Gomez – A Sweeter Place Lyrics Meaning With Kid Cudi

‘A Sweeter place’ for studio album ‘Rare-target-exclusive’, Selena collaborated with an American rapper Kid Cudi. Both artists never announced when they first met and decided to do a song together but they were first seen together on 3rd November 2019 at ComplexCon. Selena released Album trailer on her official twitter prior to the official release of the song and a tiny bit of this song was included in the trailer. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘A Sweeter Place’ by Selena Gomez with Kid Cudi.

Introduction: A Sweeter Place Lyrics

In ‘A Sweeter Place’ Selena and featuring artist Kid Cudi sings about wanting to find a sweeter place for themselves where they could forget all their worries. In an interview with Spotify, Selena spoke about her working experience with Kid Cudi. She said that she is already a big fan of him and he made the song even more beautiful. In response to this interview Kid Cudi tweeted that he feels the same way.

A Sweeter Place Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘A Sweeter Place’ by Selena Gomez with Kid Cudi section-wise.


Selena starts with singing about wanting a sweeter and a happy place where she could forget all her heartaches and bad times. She wants to feel happy and relax after all those times. The singer reassures herself that there must a sweeter and happy place for her where she could hide away from all the pain.

[Verse 1: Selena Gomez]

She further talks about her tough time she has been enduring from the past several years. These tough years severely impacted her mental health, which later in 2015 caused Lupus. In an interview with Billboard, Selena told me that she went through chemotherapy to cure her illness.

On top of that, she received a kidney transplant in 2017 in which she shook hands with death. She later shared on Twitter that ‘Holdin’ hands with the darkness and knowin’ my heart is allowed’ is the lyrics of her favorite from this song and because of all this we barley saw her in public and it took 4 years to release the album ‘Rare’.

[Verse 2: Kid Cudi]

Featuring artist Kid Cudi talks about his tough times when in later 2019, he admitted himself in rehab to rehabilitate himself from depression and suicidal thoughts. Later, he revealed this to his fan on Facebook that he will be back stronger and better than ever. He will finally find his destination and will reborn. The rapper then shines lights upon his experience in Mid 2018 in his track KIDS SEE GHOST featuring Kanye West.

[Bridge: Selena Gomez]

Selena further said that she has healed from everything and now she ready for new challenges. She has cleared her mind from the bad past. The singer believes that her happy time is near and she is ready to get everything. She has found an escape from the past and she will finally be happy in a long time.

Conclusion: ‘A Sweeter Place’ Meaning

Selena and featuring artist Kid Cudi talk about their rough and tough times when they both battled with depression and anxiety which later caused serious complications in their physical health. Both the artist is now healed from their past and want nothing but happiness and peace for themselves.

Their fans also relate to all this because some of us have suffered from depression and anxiety and few of us are still battling with it. This song gives us hope that after tough times there will finally be happiness and peace. Let us know in the comment what do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘A sweeter Place’ by Selena Gomez with Kid Cudi.

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