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Is Kanye West Only Making “Christian Music” From Jesus Is King Onwards? Or Is His Career Ending?


Kanye West & “Christian Music”

Let us talk about rapper, producer and songwriter extraordinaire, Mr. Kanye West who is reportedly only making “Christian Music” now. His already hyped upcoming album, Jesus Is King, is not out yet. Kanye’s fiance, Kim Kardashian West, tweeted out his album was coming on Sunday of 29th September 2019, which, sadly, didn’t happen, of course.

Instead, what’s been happening is, Kanye West has been moving live performances and listening parties oriented around the album from one location to another. People are experiencing, in person, betrayal. There is no real news to understand or find out when this new record is going to drop.


I guess it’s worth discussing that the album is not here yet. According to Christian Headlines, coming straight from the horse’s mouth during these live events, Kanye has said that he is making Christian music now. He is not going to be making secular music, only Gospel from here on out. I believe Kanye making Gospel music is a little open to interpretations.

It is very unlikely for him to be making true blue Gospel music from “here on out” for the rest of his life. More likely, he is going to be continuing to make hip-hop or pop or whatever but he will be infusing elements of Gospel. He will be working in narratives, lyrics, and references to the Christian Bible. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this.

How do I feel?

I mean, I don’t trust Kanye enough to say he’s going to do one thing and do it forever. This is because Kanye changes his mind a lot, I mean A LOT. Kanye evolves, he is erratic, and he is just someone that you cannot pin down into one thing. I don’t think he can pin himself down. The rapper says he believes he can do a lot of outlandish things.

Kanye says he is going to do a certain thing all the time and he doesn’t follow through. Now, listen, I have no doubt that Jesus Is King is going to be a very Christian record. It is going to be a very religious album. According to Consequence of Sound, I have no doubt that this record features no cursing. I have no doubt, in my mind, that Kanye is going to be a good boy on this record.

The rapper is most likely to refrain from the naughty talk and the swear words in this record. In fact, according to The Rolling Stones, his new song “New Body”, which some of you may have heard in the series of leaks from Yandhi, it’s a “Christian Safe” song on this record. However, I guess some of the lyrics and some of the themes are switched up.

My best guess would be “New Body” is most likely to get included in the “Jesus Is King” album since the song is trying to avoid super sexual or super secular thoughts. We will see how successful is Kanye going to be in achieving his goals after we eventually get our hands on this new record. It is said the song is switched up enough to the point where it’s not as focused as, I guess you could say, the “plastic surgery” or the usual horniness of the Kanye songs, just like his “I Love It” with Lil Pump.

What to expect in Jesus Is King?

In Jesus Is King, even if the randy song “New Body” is presented, it will be presented in the new form. Again, I have no doubt in my mind that Kanye will follow through the theme of “no cursing” on this record. Do I genuinely think Kanye is going to make Christian Music forever? No, I don’t think so, I don’t think so at all.

From what Kanye said, or at least from what we understood he’s said through the grapevine, this record was supposed to be out by now. But IT IS NOT OUT BY NOW, it’s not out at all! From what I remember, Kanye was supposed to come out with a video game a while ago. Maybe this is a new leaf that is being turned here.

It is possible that we’re going to see some residual effects of this video game era of Kanye’s career, throughout the rest of his discography. This is certainly a possibility. I think, a lot of the manic, erratic, and mental-health themes that were addressed on Ye or at least in that era of Kanye’s discography. This is most likely going to be influencing everything we see here in Jesus Is Kind and from here on out in his discography.

Is Kanye ending his career?

Honestly, if Kanye does nothing but deliver to us the Christian rap, from here until eternity, I think that’s going to mean the end of his career. At this point, I believe Kanye needs to think with a clear head if he is going to make Christian music and only Christian music for the rest of his life. However, it’s pretty essential for Kanye to be always changing, always evolving, and always trying to find a new way forward.

Maybe, just maybe, this phase in his discography is really just the change he needs to evolve himself. There are certainly some ways and avenues of doing that instead of throwing “I’ll make non-secular music for the rest of my life”. There are certain areas where Kanye can evolve with the production of Christian music, at least with a message that fits within Kanye’s own interpretation of Christianity, sure.


Obviously, writing music with a Christian slant is nothing new for Kanye West. But do I genuinely think he is going to do this FOREVER? Again, I really don’t and I hope he doesn’t disappoint me. I don’t think Kanye has given us many reasons to believe that is going to be the case.


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