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Do You Feel the Art of Feminism and Sexual Liberty? Ariana Grande – God Is a Woman Lyrics Meaning


Ariana Grande – God Is a Woman Lyrics Meaning

The Dangerous Woman singer and one of America’s highest-paid pop icons released her yet another fiat in 2018, “God Is a Woman“. This second single track from Sweetener was penned by Grande herself while having some of the known icons such as Max Martin, Savan Kotecha, Rickard Göransson and its producer Ilya contribute to the lyrics. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ” God Is a Woman” by Ariana Grande.

“God Is a Woman” debuted with an eleventh position and later made a mark by reaching its peak at eight, thus becoming Grande’s tenth top-ten single track on the US Billboard Hot 100. It is also noteworthy to mention the fact that this track became her fourth single to top the US Mainstream Top 40 airplay chart. While this track never failed to reach its top-ten positions among 17 countries including the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada, it was also nominated for the Best Pop Solo Performance at the 61st Annual Grammy Awards.

Introduction: God Is a Woman Lyrics

Ariana Grande’s second single, “God Is a Woman” was released in a scene in a lead single “No Tears Left to Cry“. This made Grande’s fans know that she was ready with yet another song to quench their thirst for music. This three minute and seventeen-second song is a fusion of hybrid hip hop and pop. “God Is a Woman” is a sultry banger that has Grande’s voice layered as in a choir with assertive lyrics that embrace her feminism amalgamated with intertwining concepts of sexuality and spirituality.

Upon its release, this second single from Sweetener received early radio support in the United States. In this track, Grande tells the world that Almighty’s gender is female. She goes on to portray the feeling of feminist themes of woman empowerment, sexual liberation, and spirituality in its lyrics. “God Is a Woman” is a strong lyrical feast that fosters why Grande feels the women are important in this universe and what is into them that makes them so special.

God Is a Woman Lyrics Meaning

After a brief comprehensive journey through these passages, we’ve come to the conclusion that Ariana Grande’s “God Is a Woman” is a bold track that replicates the importance of feminine power in this world. Now let’s get a bit deeper into the lyrics and dissect the meaning of ‘God Is a Woman’ by Ariana Grande from the album Sweetener.


Grande portrays herself as a powerful woman who has the authority to surrender everything under her control. She speaks of women being the master of anything and how powerful they are in controlling almost everything that falls on their way. According to Grande, a woman is someone who knows what she wants and the reason behind her desires.

She’s the creator of life and everything that falls into the universe is through a woman. In the chorus that starts with “You, you love it how I move you”, Grande connects her spin on Madonna’s lyric “In the midnight hour, I can feel your power” from the 1989 classic single, “Like a Prayer“. This song is another classic work that hints on women in a religious yet lustful overtone.

[Verse 1]

This verse has Grande’s fans totally losing their minds to a love-filled moment bubbling in the air. The lyrics in this verse have Grande express the love she’s got from her relationship with Pete Davidson. Ariana Grande got engaged to Pete Davidson within just a few weeks of dating. Here, she compares the art of love to something spiritual. She denotes the fact the love is a beautiful relationship that comes with a fusion of respect, passion, and lust.

Ariana calls the art of making love as a beautiful feeling that connects two souls of young lovers. She goes on to shade her lyrics with a passionate sense of love by asking her boyfriend to take things forward the way she wants. The singer speaks out her desires and advances towards him while drowning him in an ocean of pure love. She invites her soulmate to bed with a beautiful reference from the children’s prayer, “Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep”.


The lyrics of this part of the song are too bold yet meaningful. Grande takes a dig on the social stereotypes that chain women from enjoying their freedom. She says that the world is nothing to decide how a woman wants to dress like, what her sexual desires are, and what her sexual orientation is. According to her, she’s her man’s universe whenever she accompanies him. Her man is able to see the world differently owing to her beauty and wisdom. And she beautifully connects love to a beautiful relationship that’s pure, intimate, and passionate.

[Verse 2]

Grande adds light to what a relationship stands by, especially on the grounds of love. Here, she lays emphasis on what she desires from her man. She asks him to confess himself to her and become her loyal companion. Grande wants him to share whatever he’s got in his mind and make things clear before they take things forward. She conveys to her man about how badly she wants to unite with him.

But before any act of love, she wants him to spill the beans circling around his life. She goes on to tell him that he’s a special being in whom she sees the love and passionate affection. Grande speaks sweet words of love and promises him to reward him for his loyalty and truthfulness. She highlights the lyrics with an inner meaning that conveys her want to become a mother of his child only if he confesses himself before her.


In the last part of this second single from Sweetener, Grande polishes the song by layering her voice on female sexual empowerment. This choir-style tone represents unity and makes the way for addressing every woman on the planet. Grande finishes the song with a bold yet impactful thought that anything and everything comes to life through a woman.

And in return, a woman needs all the liberty she deserves to rule her desires and lookout on life. A woman is a decision-maker when it comes to choosing what she prefers in life. And in the end, Grande tells the world that Almighty is a woman who has the power to decide anything and everything in the universe.

Conclusion: God Is a Woman Meaning

Whether it is breaking the odd stereotypes against the sexual liberty of women or the freedom to choose what they want, “God Is a Woman” is a bold track that ensembles itself in the award-winning album, Sweetener. While Ariana Grande has taken time to spin noteworthy meaning that is unveiled through her charismatic vocals, she has left no stone unturned in bringing out the essence of the fact that a woman is the authority of her own desires and comfort.

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