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Do You Feel the Emotional Trauma of Love? Ariana Grande – everytime Lyrics Meaning


Ariana Grande – everytime Lyrics Meaning

The dreamy melody of ‘everytime’ is a treat that turns out into a sweet beat of vocals by the award-winning pop icon, Ariana Grande. This close-to-talking song comes to a beautiful end during the pre-chorus that highlights the essence of uniting again in love. While this track is a perfect fusion of Grande’s old style and her new one, a post-chorus is relied upon to insist on the recurrence of her getting back with her boyfriend. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘everytime’ by Ariana Grande.

The ‘Sweetener’ track highlights Grande’s desire to unite with her man even though he hurt her every time. While many fans speculated about whom this track is about, it is clearly understood that ‘everytime’ definitely points out to Mac Miller, about whom Grande herself confessed having a ‘toxic’ relationship with.

‘everytime’ is an amalgamation of lyrics that come with a ‘toxic’ blast of Grande’s ex-boyfriend. While this two minute and fifty-two seconds ‘Sweetener’ track got fans talking about the ‘protagonist’ of the song, many flawlessly concluded that this particular track was about none other than Mac Miller. While this fact wasn’t confirmed officially, many had decisions clear about whom this song was all about.

Introduction: everytime Lyrics

In this eighth track from the award-winning ‘Sweetener’ album, Grande lays emphasis on the ugly truth of not letting go of someone even though the person hurts her so much. She highlights how tired she is of the guy but also her emotional combat within herself for not wanting to let go of him. While Grande has spoken in the past as to why she and Miller ended their relationship, she made it a point to defend herself against netizens who took her down by blaming her for the eventual breakup. Grande boldly highlighted how tough it was for her to set her paces forward with a ‘toxic’ relationship with someone whom she cared about like none other.

Grande’s ‘everytime’ might be telling the tales behind the sweet yet toxic love story of the American pop star and Mac Miller. But we may not know if the song is still completely about her past relationship. While the lyrics seem to make a perfect match with Grande’s past life, it is not completely clear whether she actually meant Mac Miller or someone else. But as fans, one can always assume the best outcome from the bold lyrics of ‘everytime’!

Produced by Ilya and Max Martin, Ariana Grande’s ‘everytime’ is all about the emotional trauma of the inability to not let go of someone in spite of getting hurt time and again. Let’s us travel a bit deeper into the lyrics of this ‘Sweetener’ track and grasp some inner meaning that shades its lines.

everytime Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘everytime’ by Ariana Grande section-wise.


‘everytime’ starts with a melodious intro backed up by bold instrumentation that breaks the silence in the air. This piece of an introductory chorus highlights the ‘on-and-off’ relationship with Mac Miller. It is a known fact that Mac carried a history of substance abuse and this was one of the main reasons Grande highlighted for their break up.

She even went on to spill the beans that her relationship with Miller was so ‘toxic’ and beyond her ability to control. Sadly, Mac Miller died in September 2018, just weeks after the release of Grande’s award-winning album, ‘Sweetener’. In the bold lyrics that start off as the intro of this track, Grande melodiously shouts that she gets back to her man everytime, no matter what.

[Verse 1]

Ariana Grande feels tired of the ‘toxic’ attitude of her boyfriend, Mac Miller. He is so addicted to substance abuse that he has no shows left in his wallet. He feels frustrated and tired when controlled by Grande, without realizing the fact that she’s just trying to help him out of his addiction. Grande highlights the fact of how everyone in her life wanted her to get rid of her ‘toxic’ relationship with Miller. Everyone she knew felt bad for her declining emotional condition owing to Mac’s struggling problems with substance abuse.

But she goes on to unveil the truth that she never wanted to let go of him no matter what others said. Grande is too lost in love with Miller that she refuses to stare back at people in the eye. She is totally lost from her focus, especially when he’s not around. The singer imagines herself with him even in his absence, thus losing her concentration about what’s happening around her. She refers her situation to William Shakespeare’s The Tempest where she shares her experiences with something magical and toxic.


Here, Grande highlights how she tried to help Mac come out of his addiction, but failing every time and with every try. She is unable to focus on anything else other than him. Grande loves him truly but finds it difficult to bring him out of is toxic habits. Her long-term fight against his odd behavior and unwillingness to come out of substance abuse led to their breakup.


Mac Miller never forgot to call Grande, especially when he was high. He could have overdone himself with the substance or might have felt a bit in desire for his girl. Whatever the reason was that led him to call Grande, he just put her to a weakening state like that of a trembling teenager who finds it difficult to decide things. Grande is so broken and even interrogates why Almighty drove her back to him every time.

She even goes to the extent of drinking and tries to pretend of breaking free from the toxic relationship that’s binding her, but she’s unable to do anything. Grande is unable to bring Mac out of his track of self-destruction and ends up in giving in to drinking and destroying herself slowly. She’s not able to live without him and she’s not willing to take things forward with him either. This totally reflects the double state of mind that’s completely painful, confusing, and frustrating.

[Verse 2]

Grande tries her ways to bring him to a normal state but fails every time. Miller is so addicted to his toxic habits such that he’s not giving way for her to help him break free from his addiction. Everyone whom Grande knew would only identify her as someone who doesn’t know the ways to figure out from her toxic relationship. She’s so confused and unable to focus on anything and she doesn’t know why she could not bring about the change she desired.

Conclusion: ‘everytime’ Meaning

Ariana Grande’s ‘everytime’ found its way through the air on August 17, 2018. This track is all about true love, trauma, and the painful desire to break free but the inability to do so. We would love you to share your thoughts on this two minute and fifty-three-second track from ‘Sweetener’. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘everytime’ by Ariana Grande? Post your opinions in the comments section below!

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