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Bad Bunny, NADIE SABE: The English Lyrics & Their Meaning


“NADIE SABE,” written by Bad Bunny, is a song released on the 13th of October, 2023. It is the first song from Bad Bunny’s 2023 album, Nobody knows what will happen tomorrow. The meaning of “NADIE SABE” lyrics by Bad Bunny is an expression of his confidence as he faces criticisms because of his fame. He highlights the importance of being true to oneself with the power of self-acceptance. Here, the rapper talks about his humble beginnings and his rise to fame and success.

You can listen to Bad Bunny’s “NADIE SABE” below.

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Bad Bunny, NADIE SABE: The English Lyrics & Their Meaning

The verse of “NADIE SABE” lyrics by Bad Bunny talks about his uncertain future. He questions his role as an influential celebrity and says his actions are a reflection of how he feels. Here, the rapper talks about how he deals with public criticism and he stays authentic regardless of the scrutiny. even when he is surrounded by his own fans, he feels isolated as well as overwhelmed. This is the negative side of his fame which makes him hostile as well. However, he wishes good for others instead of retaliating against his haters.

Then, Bad Bunny shows his dedication to his fans. Sometimes, fame can bring celebrities down. Here, the rapper also shares his struggles with his mental health. He says that not every song is meant for mass appeal, and some are crafted solely for his fans who have been with him from the start. Music is the way he has chosen to be authentic even though it leads to his financial sacrifices because of not having a mass-appealing song. The rapper then talks about Ayrton Senna. But he doesn’t compare himself to anyone in the industry.

The interlude of “NADIE SABE” lyrics by Bad Bunny shares the message of self-acceptance. Here, he talks about his imperfections and how he cannot please everyone around him. He makes decisions that are good for himself in the long run. The outro of the song highlights the uncertainty of the future. Bad Bunny emphasizes how important it is for him to live in the moment and seize the day.

What Are the Lyrics of “NADIE SABE” by Bad Bunny In English Translation?

These are the lyrics of Bad Bunny’s “NADIE SABE” via Genius In English Translation:

NADIE SABE Lyrics [Letra de “NADIE SABE”]

They say the world is going to end, I hope it’s soon
Sometimes I act like a fool
Who the hell said I want to be an example?
Everything good I do, I do because I feel it
And it’s damn tough, wow, I’m almost thirty
Rolex and AP, I don’t even know why
Time passes by, and I don’t even notice
Making money while you comment
But nobody knows, no, what it feels like, hey
Feeling lonely with a hundred thousand people in front of you
Everyone talking about you
Without knowing anything, without knowing you
And some even wish you death
But not me, I wish them good luck, yeah, uh-huh
Hey, people have to stop being so stupid and thinking
They know the lives of the famous
Wow, so many podcasts, so many idiots
Today I woke up hating like Laura Bozzo
With a desire to shoot someone over a beat
I haven’t seen my therapist in a while
Maybe that’s why my mind is twisted
This album is not meant to be played, not even a billion views
It’s for my real fans to be happy
Even if I don’t feel 100% inside
It’s for them to cancel me and hate me
Raise your hand if you want to go to one of my concerts
I sold the Bugatti because it felt slow, and
Because my people don’t fit in one seat
I hit it out of the park on the first try
You’re mistaken if you think I’m at my peak
That hasn’t come yet, too focused
You don’t know Bad Bunny, you just took a picture, hey
I’m the winning horse, I’m ahead by twenty lengths
Hey, hey
And without saying my name, you know my voice
Tell me who was better than me, I forgot
Since I’ve been around, it’s a pride to be the one
The one who never gave up, because he never lost
Don’t blame me, blame God
Yes, He’s the one who gave me the gift
To make it look easy, huh, to make it look very easy, hey
And it’s true, I’m not a trapper, or a reggaeton artist
I’m the biggest star in the whole world
Everyone wants to be number one, I don’t understand the effort
If you want it, I can give it to you, I don’t even want it
I’ve lost love, I’ve lost money
Because of my best flaw: being very honest
But I don’t lose faith or the desire to kill it
It’s not about saying you’re real, it’s about proving it
It’s not about saying “I’m the best,” you have to show it
It’s not about making money, my love, it’s about multiplying it
Don’t call me, I’m riding a motorbike in Montecarlo
Because money is meant to be spent, yes
And the black card doesn’t get declined
You get messages from everyone, you’ve always been AI
If we talk on WhatsApp, we’re the best all the time
We’ll kick you out of the group chat, we’ll leave you offline
I use my time to make history while you tell stories, huh
I’m not at my peak anymore, now I’m in my prime
That’s why they’re praying for me to crash, like Ayrton Senna
I’m a work of art, Mona Lisa, The Last Supper
You’ll get diabetes
If Sugar is on the mound, you’ll get struck out in the ninth
I even impress myself, like Randy Arozarena
Bad Bunny is out, put your albums in quarantine
Playing everywhere, we’ve taken over the airwaves
I’m from the Caribbean, going hard is in my veins
Arroyo 2004 in Athens
The heat is on fire
My flow is thanks to God and Tego Calderón
Wow, I’ve messed around a lot in the Vander suite
I think I’ve matured, I hope it’s not too late
Don’t expect too much from me, Bad Bunny is not a mayor
Don’t give me your number, I’ll never call you
Stop comparing, you know I’m different
Enjoy it, and that’s it, everyone did their part, yes
I’m not Daddy Yankee, I’m not Don Omar
I’m Bad Bunny, m…, I’m not normal
There are a lot of people wishing for my failure
Sadly, those people have to suck it up
You’re not my real fan, that’s why I threw your phone away
I’ll always love the real ones
Let everyone talk who wants to talk
Those who don’t know the story always want to tell it
I end them with an “L,” with an “R” they sound bad
Fame doesn’t faze me, I’ll never change
I can move out of PR
But PR from my heart can never be moved

I know I’m not perfect, and I don’t want to be
I like being who I am, sometimes good, sometimes bad
And from now on, all the decisions of my life I’ll make thinking of myself and only myself because in the end, you’ll never be able to please everyone
Someone will always love you, and someone will always hate you

Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow
What’s going to happen tomorrow
Nobody knows what’s going to happen tomorrow
What’s going to happen tomorrow
That’s why I do it today, oh, oh-oh-oh
Oh, oh, oh (Oh-oh, oh, oh)

Bad Bunny’s “NADIE SABE” Lyrics In English Translation

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