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beabadoobee & Laufey, A Night To Remember: The Lyrics Meaning


“A Night To Remember,” written by ​beabadoobee, Jacob Bugden & Laufey, is a song released on the 20th of October, 2023. It is a collaboration between beabadoobee and Laufey as a result of the mutual respect they have for each other. The meaning of “A Night To Remember” lyrics by beabadoobee and Laufey expresses nostalgia and passion for a short relationship. This song is about creating memories about the magic of a night to make it timeless in our memory. Certain moments like recognition, nostalgia, and intimacy are unforgettable in life.

You can listen to beabadoobee & Laufey’s “A Night To Remember” below.

Official Audio of “A Night To Remember” by beabadoobee & Laufey

beabadoobee & Laufey, A Night To Remember: The Lyrics Meaning

The first verse of “A Night To Remember” lyrics by Laufey talks about experiencing déjà vu. She sings, “Swore I’d seen you before // Watched you walk through the door”. These lines show how an unexpected meeting has refreshed her memories. She recognizes who she just met from the face and the way they talk but she can’t exactly figure out who this person is. Suddenly, she remembers her experiences with him in the past but she still cannot figure out who this person is.

In the second verse of the song, beabadoobee describes an intimate connection she had with the person she has encountered as well. The lines “You touch my back // I took your hand” mean she remembers how it felt when he touched her for the first time. Then, to reciprocate the affection, she took her hand. Despite these memories, just like Laufey, beabadoobee cannot figure out who this person is either. In the pre-chorus, both artists claim they have seen the respective person they have met with the line, “Oh, I swore I’d seen you before.”

The chorus of “A Night To Remember” lyrics by beabadoobee & Laufey begin with the lines, “Underneath the sheets // You enchanted me // And whispered sweet nothings in my ear.” These lines mean they have had an exquisite night together full of romance and intimacy. Even though they have knowledge of the experiences they’ve had with each other, they cannot fully grasp who exactly were these respective people.

In the third verse of the song, both beabadoobee and Laufey sing, “Then I walked away, You asked me to stay”. They explain what happened after their time together with their respective lovers. They shared their time together and they moved on as it was clearly a short-term relationship. But now their lovers wonder what would have happened if they actually ended up together. However, it’s too late now.

Context: A Night To Remember Lyrics Meaning beabadoobee & Laufey

According to Stereogum, beabadoobee is back with a jazzy love song with the Icelandic-Chinese jazz singer Laufey, “A Night To Remember”. beabadoobee felt like Laufey would be a perfect match for the song. So, they spent time with each other in London, worked together in a studio with the producer Jacob, and they hung out in beabadoobee’s New York apartment as well. With this newfound friendship, Laufey also says her dream of collaborating with beabadoobee has finally come true.

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