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Is Billie really a bad guy? Billie Eilish – bad guy Lyrics Meaning


Billie Eilish – bad guy Lyrics Meaning

The meaning behind lyrics of the song ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish might come to turn out to be a little shocking to the fans. ‘bad guy’ is the second track from her first studio album, ‘WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?’. The song tries its best to portray Billie as a bad girl who likes bad guys. Read the article below to learn the meaning behind lyrics of ‘bad guy’.

[Verse 1, Part I]

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of “bad guy” by Billie Eilish in two parts. 

Billie Eilish was on a white shirt, which represents her innocence before she got her fame. But now, her fame hides her innocence. Every simple mistake of her are highlighted by the red headlines and all the good things she does are not appreciated. On the other hand, she might be condemning drug overdose. Billie Eilish was strongly against drug overdose when she was asked about it in an interview with the Guardian.

If we really look at the second side of the song, where the story of the song is about the drug overdose, Billie Eilish tells an addict that s/he is sleepwalking on his/her tippy-toes. These addicts are trying to hide from the public and they change their locations frequently in an attempt to hide from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

[Verse 1, Part II]

On the second part of the first verse, she reveals that the drug addict is someone close to her. She begs him on her knees to prevent him from going into a relapse over and over again from a possible drug overdose. He feels as if Billie is taking care of him and he isn’t wrong, which is exactly why he thanks Billie so as to ask her to help him cope with the situation.

Billie Eilish makes it very clear that she doesn’t want him to thank her or plead her to be there for him. She is taking care of him not because he wants her to. Instead, she is taking care of him because she wants to take care of him. The guy doesn’t know that her cynical side is making her take care of him and she is definitely expecting something in return from him.

[Chorus, Part I]

Here, Eilish reveals her taste in men. Apparently, she likes a tough and rough guy. She likes someone who is just so good that she just can’t get enough of him. A muscular guy with his chest puffed is what Billie likes. It has become a culture that the guy having all these traits are usually the fuckboys who like bad girls.

The singer is telling him that she is the bad uncommitted girl that he’s been looking for and she wants him. She wants the drug addict for herself which is exactly why she is taking care of him. Or else, she wouldn’t have been interested in his well-being. She is expecting him to be hers after he fully recovers.

[Chorus, Part II]

On this part, Billie Eilish explains about herself. She tells him that she can get really close to his family and then break his heart, which eventually will make his mom sad. Eilish is openly uncommitted. She might seduce the guy in a committed relationship and make him fall in love with her so that his girlfriend would get mad at him.

The singer wants the guy she is with to know that she is the one he should really be worried about because she is as bad as he is. Even though the guy she’s with acts all bad and all cool by playing with the drugs, she is the worst one because she plays the hearts of the people that are fond of the drugs.


Billie Eilish points out the fact that she is the real bad guy.

[Verse 2, Part I]

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘bad guy’ by Billie Eilish in the second verse.

The singer talks about her preference in this part. She likes it when her short time lover takes control of her body for that time frame. Even though he is aware of the fact that Billie cannot be owned by him, she is still giving all of her to him.

Apparently, the guy who is into Billie Eilish is in love with her but her unattainable status is making it hard for him to have her on his way. However, Billie is aware of this which is why she lets him take control of her even though he doesn’t really own her. Although, we can both be sure that Billie likes this man as well. But she just doesn’t like to stay in a committed relationship.

[Verse 2, Part II]

Her mother usually sings all the lines of her songs but she is certain of the fact that it won’t happen this time. The lines of this song might expose a different side of Billie to her mom and her mom might not feel proud of this side of her daughter. She tells us that her mom might actually start feeling bad for the men who Billie has been with.

This might mean her mom knows this fictional drug addict guy loves Billie. She might actually have been shipping Billie and this guy since long. However, as Billie reveals her preference, her mom might actually feel bad for the guy because of the cold side of Billie Eilish.




Here, the sexual tension between this drug addict guy and Billie Eilish intensifies. He often gets mad at her because she doesn’t feel for him the same way he does for her. Billie Eilish hits right at my heart once again by a factor of surprise.

The guy that she’s been with seemingly is in a relationship with the other girl who is scared of Billie Eilish. The singer is so intimidating that she made him cheat on her girlfriend by giving him the false promises that he can actually be with Billie, but only if he leaves his girlfriend.


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