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Billie Eilish’s “wish you were gay” Lyrics Meaning


Billie Eilish – wish you were gay Lyrics Meaning

The exact meaning of the lyrics of the song ‘wish you were gay’ by Billie Eilish is complicated to figure out. is a sad song that tries to give us hindsight of one-sided relationship. Billie tries her best to make everything alright with her crush but every time she tries to fix her relationship with him, it just gets worse and worse. Read the article below to learn about the meaning behind the lyrics of this song.

[Verse 1, Part I]

Billie Eilish says “Baby, I don’t feel so good” are the six words that her crush didn’t understand at all. “I’ll never let you go” or “I love you so much” are the five words her crush would never say to her even though she is dying to hear these words from him. Her crush has been distracting her so bad that she hasn’t been able to be herself.

[Verse 1, Part II]

The singer has been laughing alone like everything is alright and nothing is wrong. This is because it has been four days already that her crush is ignoring her and these four days have been the hardest days to deal with. She had always envisioned herself with her crush.

However, a third person is between her and her crush. She treated this third person as a person who is used to encroaching the personal space of people. In the end, Billie had to slip away from encroaching their personal space.

[Chorus I]

The singer represents the whole crush culture from the chorus of this song. Everyone wants to make his/ her crush feel okay. However, crushes don’t actually understand what other people feel for them. This is one of the main reasons why having a crush on someone sucks.

People know when they bother their crush which is why everyone wants to leave his/ her crush. Billie wishes her crush was gay, then she wouldn’t feel so bad since the reason for the rejection would be his sexual orientation and not something specifically wrong with her.

[Verse 2, Part I]

Everyone wants to know the real reason why their crush ignores them. Having a crush on someone can be very addictive. People try their best to get out of the addiction and they usually go for the 12 step program. The program is made for the addicts to help them deal with their addiction.

[Verse 2, Part II]

Eilish is so addicted to her crush that she is addicted to pulling her hair as her crush hasn’t been responding to her in the way she wants him to. In an interview, the singer said they used to make plans to see each other at around 7. But the guy didn’t show up for nine times and when he did he showed up two hours later even though he lives six minutes away.

[Chorus II]

The singer wants him to feel comfortable around her. She doesn’t want him to be scared of her but the guy frequently walks the other way. He usually ignores her even though she wants him to stay. She is so heartbroken that she kind of wishes her crush to be a gay guy.

[Bridge, Part I]

She wants an explanation for the rejection. The silent treatment she’s been getting from him breaks her heart so bad. She wants to know the exact reason why he isn’t interested in her but she doesn’t want her heart broken. This is why she wants him to say his sexual orientation is different instead of him saying he doesn’t like her.

[Bridge, Part II]

Billie Eilish says she is very selfish because she doesn’t want him to break her heart. She just wants him to be of another sexual orientation so that she can still be friends with him. But the silent treatment from his side is killing Billie and she is feeling helpless. She hasn’t been able to stand another day without his attention. The toxic one-sided relationship is bad and everyone needs to get out of this as soon as possible.

[Chorus I]

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