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Travis Scott – SICKO MODE Lyrics Meaning


Travis Scott ft. Drake – SICKO MODE Lyrics Meaning

The meaning behind the lyrics of SICKO MODE is hard to pin down on a particular niche. Sicko Mode by Travis Scott ft. Drake is considered as one of the masterpieces of hip-hop. People have gone as far as comparing this song to Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen. The samples in this song are taken from old-school hip-hop legends.

Read the article below to understand the meaning behind the lyrics of SICKO MODE.

[Part I]

[Intro, Part I: Drake]

Drake talks about a cold season. When the sun sets, the atmosphere starts to feel cold. It’s a literal truth of real life as well. When the charm ends in a relationship, the relationship gets very rocky. The rapper has a dog named “Winter”. Drake is used to purchasing Louis Vuitton merchandise for his dog. He likes to show his status to other people by his dog’s appearance.

[Intro, Part II, Drake]

‘SICKO MODE’ was apparently a complete song before Drake’s verses were added literally a few days before Travis released ‘Astroworld’. By “Pick and Roll” reference, Drake may be suggesting that Travis, also known as ‘La Flame’, is getting a pass after his verse is over. Drake says Travis is in a sicko mode.

[Part II]

[Verse 1, Part I: Travis Scott & The Notorious B.I.G.]

Travis Scott is used to spending a lot in jewelry, i.e. “ice”. When Travis and his crew are pulled up by cops, the cops call them out by saying “Jump Out Boys”. He says he and his crew get off their vehicles on Nike shoes. The rapper and his crew do not have to pay for their traffic tickets because of their fame. He says the cops would rather pay a fee to him and his crew for keeping them late from their schedules.

[Verse 1, Part II: Travis Scott & The Notorious B.I.G.]

The rapper says he had to go to his old town so as to finish his album, Astroworld, and to stay away from the media and paparazzi. He and his crew stayed away from distraction to focus totally on their new project. He used to work all night and then hang out with his crew after the work without even resting properly. Travis loves his jewelry and his jeweler. He says he is confused if the jewelry owned by him are real fruits or diamonds.

[Bridge: Big Hawk & Swae Lee]

When we back ourselves off from our haters, we often face backlashes. They call us weak and vulnerable. We are very motivated to prove our haters wrong. We take our retreat way too seriously. The chorus basically says the artists in this song are way too focused and serious about winning their retreat from their haters, and to prove that they are not weak.

[Verse 2, Part I: Travis Scott & Uncle Luke]

During GQ Interview with Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Kylie says he doesn’t like clicking pictures a lot. The rapper says many people make fortune by recreating his tracks and sound. He says his exes do the same thing as well. But he doesn’t really care. The singer would rather use cocaine (bootch) with his crew (eses). Scott is celebrating his success with his crew and he wants the function to be like Bonnaroo music festival. He told his lover that she is coming to celebrate his success with him and his crew as well.

[Verse 2, Part II: Travis Scott & Uncle Luke]

In this dreamy track, Travis Scott talks about sex and drugs as well in his verse. He says he gets a bl*wj*b (‘slop’ and ‘top’) in his luxury car. The scene is so romantic that when his lover asked him where they were heading towards, he replied by saying “The moon”. This indicates he is probably either high during sex or he was just being too romantic. The singer and his girl were having sex before they even reached his room. His girl thought their love was deep and outstretched like the ocean but in reality, their love was as shallow as his swimming pool. Travis opens a vodka and talks about how he glued up all the tracks and sounds from a number of artists with her girl.

[Bridge: Travis Scott, Big Hawk, & Swae Lee]

The rapper is used to getting surprised FaceTime and calls.

[Part III]

[Intro: Travis Scott, Drake & Lil Juice]

[Chorus: Drake & Travis Scott]

Drake’s lover is in love with who he is. The rapper had to use public vehicles to go to after-school dance parties. Now, he has an FBO (Someone who offers services to the clients on private flights) who keeps him satisfied with foods and drugs during the flight.

[Verse 3, Part I: Drake & Travis Scott]

Drake has a customized Boeing 767 which has double bedrooms. Even though Drake is very rich, he still has scores to settle with his haters. Pusha-T released “The Story of Adidon” in 2018 claiming that Drake has an unannounced son. This put a big question mark on the character of Drake. Many believe these lines are directly thrown at Kanye West as well. Fans speculate that Drake lives very close to Kanye West. But all Drake cares about is his status and wealth.

[Verse 3, Part II: Drake & Travis Scott]

“Checks” and “Stripes” are synonyms to the brand names, i.e. “Nike” and “Adidas” respectively. It was rumored that Drake was changing his allegiance from Nike to Adidas in 2018. However, the agreements might have been ended after the release of “The Story of Adidon” by Pusha-T in May of 2018. During the release of Drake’s album, Scorpion, he was seen in a Nike tracksuit. Drake says he has lost his respect to his haters. He gives a shout out to the Basketball players, Devin Booker and Liz Cambage. Drake rides around his home town in a circle, hiding and ducking from his haters.

[Chorus: Drake & Travis Scott]

[Verse 4, Part I: Travis Scott]

Travis Scott has many of his friends in jail. However, he wouldn’t send letters (kites) to his friends. He has the power to let his friends use cell phones for communication even when they are in prison.

[Verse 4, Part II, Travis Scott]

Travis’s girlfriend couldn’t be at Coachella festival. She was apparently working on her butt’s shape. In February of 2018, Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner had their first baby named ‘Stormi’. The couple is going to pass their wealth to their newly born baby when she grows up.

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