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A Story of Robbery by BROCKHAMPTON – Dearly Departed Lyrics Meaning


The song ‘DEARLY DEPARTED’ has an emotional touch to every member of the group. Let’s find out the meaning behind the lyrics of DEARLY DEPARTED by BROCKHAMTON!

This track focuses on one of the ex-members of BROKHAMTPON, Ameer Vann.


The song explores the impact that Vann’s actions had on the group and its members, both personally and professionally.

According to Genius Lyrics, one notable anecdote shared was in Dom’s verse, detailing how Ameer had set up one of his friends to be robbed.


Let’s decode the meaning behind the lyrics of DEARLY DEPARTED by BROCKHAMTON section-wise.

[Verse 1: Kevin Abstract]

In the first verse, Kevin Abstract lays down the foundation at which BROCKHAMPTON once stood!

He doesn’t want Ameer to succeed. Kevin as well as other members want him at the bottom of his career.

The life of Kevin at the present moment is a mess. He wants his A/C to come back on and he wants to move out of his hometown, Texas.

Kevin’s mom is stuck outside her job and his sister is asking him for a brand new Lexus.

In his mess, he lost his former best friend, Ameer, following allegations of the sexual assault.

Kevin warns the type of people that want to stalk his phone. He doesn’t want anyone to see his bad side.

Kevin is the type of person that believes in “You get to see what I want you to see.”

The rapper continues to say the controversies following sexual misconducts have made everyone in the group rich.

But he feels lied to and they’ve achieved everything off of the lies that Ameer played them!

As soon as they got a better record label, they had to kick their best friend out of the group and Kevin seems to be sad about it.

[Chorus: Joba]

The lyrics in the chorus section hides the meaning behind DEARLY DEPARTED by BROCKHAMPTON.

This section is an ode to the departure of Ameer Vann.

Ameer is the one who had dearly departed from the group. The group had to dismantle because of him.

Joba asks him to look at what he has started!

He’s been very heartless after the incident. It is hard for him to know who to trust anymore.

[Verse 2: Matt Champion]

Matt Champion begins his verse in a very bold way. He feels betrayed as well.

Matt feels like there is nobody on his side anymore. The truth is harsh for everyone to just ignore and move on with it.

He feels very lost. The rapper is making sure everyone he cares of is safe because he cannot trust anybody anymore.

Matt is scared of people he’s been losing. He’s shown a sincere respect for his deceased grandparents, Wako, Ray and Rita in his verse.

Aftwr years, his mom is doing fine, his father is doing fine and her sister has graduated.

Life seemed to be perfect for Matt at this phase until the allegations followed the group.

He blames everything on Ameer’s wit. The people have used his wit against you and they have stretched the situation beyond truth.

Everything Ameer’s been doing is now traced, even his smile!

Matt wants Ameer to stay alert and focused because he can get killed anytime. Racism in America is a real deal!

[Verse 3: Dom McLennon]

Dom McLennon hits his shot directly at the heart of Ameer.

Since he was playing the victim so as to protect himself, Dom is saying enough is enough!

There cannot be more sides of a true story when you are involved in the story.

No matter how hard people try to hide the truth, the truth always trickles down and hits the fear.

Dom McLennon says he’s been thrown into the fire by the person he knew for long, i.e. by Ameer!

Apparently, Ameer Vann had set up one of Dom’s friends to be robbed.

Then, later, Ameer parted ways with the band following the sexual misconduct allegations. After that, he confessed that he set up robbery to Dom.

According to Dom’s lyrics, Ameer set up robbery against the person he owed money to!

If only Dom knew of this side of Ameer, he’d have never gotten any money from BROCKHAMPTON.

Dom accuses everything on Ameer’s immature behaviours. According to him, this is not anyone else’s fault but Ameer’s own fault.

Even though Ameer Vann cries and confesses his sins with God for forgiveness, Dom will never ever forgive him!


What a tragic story!

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