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What Is Art? It’s a Living Proof! Camila Cabello – Living Proof Lyrics Meaning


Camila Cabello – Living Proof Lyrics Meaning

On the 13th of November, 2019, Camila uncovered the album art and release date for her sophomore album Romance. The album is set to be released on the 6th of December, 2019. In her tweet from the 13th of November, Camila had said a new song titled ‘Living Proof’ was getting released on the coming Friday, the 16th. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the favorite song of Camila Cabello from Romance, ‘Living Proof’.

According to Rolling Stone, Camila Cabello celebrates healing love on her new song ‘Living Proof’. Apparently, this song is the singer’s favorite one from Romance. According to ET Online, the exceptionally charming, sensual song includes lovingly idealized lyrics describing a perfect romance. For striking reasons, this song will certainly be deciphered by many people to refer to her relationship with Shawn Mendes.

Introduction: Living Proof Lyrics

Whether or not this song is about Shawn Mendes, it is pretty obvious that there are a lot of feelings involved in the song. Undisclosed to fans at the time, on the 29th of June, 2019, Camila had shared a snippet of the track online, featuring part of the second verse. The lyrics of the song ‘Living Proof’ includes the story of bedtime fun and cuddles with Camila Cabello’s boyfriend, Shawn Mendes (probably).

We cannot be entirely sure if this song is about Shawn since Camila had been working on this song way before they even started dating. My best guess would be, this song is the singer talking about what a perfect romance for her really is! She has idealized the concept of romance throughout the singles from Romance that have been previously released. Maybe we will get to know what romance really means for Camila Cabello in this song. Then, maybe, we all can agree that this song has nothing to do with Shawn!

Living Proof Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Living Proof’ by Camila Cabello section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Camila Cabello wishes to listen to her lover, not by the words but by the feels. She wants him to talk to her by the movement of his hands on her body. The singer wants to speak the language of love like the expressive art of Vincent Van Gogh. In the ideal romantic scene, Camila wishes to study every inch of her lover’s body. The singer’s fantasy to be treated like an angel is to be fulfilled by her romantic interest. He is so giving that she doesn’t want to get enough of her.

[Pre-Chorus, Bridge, Outro]

Camila prefers to immerse herself in the choir of Hallelujah while having fun with her lover over funky pop songs. The singer prefers to make love with feelings and emotions going together. She feels suffocated and she can’t breathe off of the pleasure she’s been having with her romantic partner. The positions are very explicit and I do not wish to get into the details. The lyrics of Living Proof are so sensual.


In the ideal romance for Camila, she believes her lover is sent to her so as to save her from her miseries. Everything he does looks like something only God would be able to do. The singer has idolized her love interest in the lyrics saying he is the living proof of someone who was sent to her by God. I can tell she is really into him cause she literally treats him like God. This behavior is deemed toxic in normal human relationships where there is no God involved.

[Verse 2]

The romantic interest of Camila has freckles down his spines and she loves counting them. In this romantic setting, Camila wishes to know about the dark side of her lover. She wants to know why is he with her and what his intentions are. But every time she tries to do something like that, he just jumps into having fun. Somehow, he always manages to get out of the trouble of explanation. But she doesn’t mind it because he is an idol sent by God for her.

Conclusion: Living Proof Meaning

The ideal relationship of Camila Cabello looks very toxic at its core. Regardless, that’s some pretty good image of what a perfect romance should look like. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Living Proof’ by Camila Cabello? Do you think it’s about Shawn Mendes or not? Let us know in the comments section below.

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