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Will Camila’s Ex Cry For Her? Camila Cabello – Cry For Me Lyrics Meaning


Camila Cabello – Cry For Me Lyrics Meaning

We all know Camila as the girl who can speak her mind without any fear. This time, she got herself in the worst possible scenario while speaking her mind at the same time. Camila is yearning for her ex and the tone of the song isn’t quite friendly. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Cry For Me” by Camila Cabello.

The song is basically a way for Camila to channel her emotions with a toxic ex rebound experience. Guys, we aren’t naive to this concept, let’s get real here. We all have faced this cycle of validation problems after we break up from a relationship. Most of us can even go to the point where our lives don’t mean anything to us. Yet, we’ve got to keep living and breathing.


The emotions of rage and the wish to see our ex in the same miserable place as we are in, after a breakup, have made this song extremely vulnerable. While Camila has sung about the romantic affair with Shawn Mendes in Shameless lyrics, she is a victim of her anxiety-inducing ex as well. The feeling of jealousy still lingers around Camila’s mind.

It is hard to forget the first heartbreak. The idea of “moving on” can be hurtful, especially when you’re not mature enough to understand what emotions and feelings are at sweet 16. Nevertheless, the heartbreak is heartbreaking, and it doesn’t matter what your age is. However, she is 22 now. In this song, she is reminiscing about how hurtful that breakup was and how it has shaped her current love affair.

Cry For Me Lyrics Meaning

Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of “Cry For Me” by Camila Cabello section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Even though her current media presence is focusing on her current relationship, her past failure in a relationship is still haunting her. That pretty Senorita lyrics written by Shawn Mendes isn’t able to fix Camila Cabello’s broken heart yet. The lyrics in this song show the singer’s innocence towards the cheesy relationship lines such as “I can never get over you” etcetera.

Camila’s stance on her ex’s vaguely false promises is pretty cute since she wasn’t able to understand the intentions behind those cheesy moments. Even the experts on a relationship can be fallible sometimes.

Back to Camila’s memory lane, she saw her ex walking down the road happily with his new girlfriend. However, the singer was still holding on to the cheesy promises made by her ex and she was thinking he’d never get over her.

Now, years later, she is still questioning him if he is over her yet. I mean, guys, just look at the innocence. She still believes that the guy who didn’t even think about her well-being after the breakup isn’t over him yet. Is she being too naive or is she being shady? Help me decide here.


As Camila has mentioned in “Liar” lyrics, she can be a little pretentious sometimes. Whenever she had hoped for the happiness of her ex, she didn’t really mean it. She can get really unapologetically shady sometimes and we love it. “This is the tea, sis”. Camila is such a queen. The singer never thought he’d have moved on so easily.

However, what she doesn’t realize is she was under his persuasion and she fell for it. Now, she’s wide awake in the middle of the night overthinking everything. Even during this phase, she is convinced that he hasn’t moved on and she’s just thinking too much. Guys, since when Camila started to become so lyrically relatable?


In this part, Camila Cabello breaks down and wants her ex to cry for him. She doesn’t want any excuse this time. The singer wants him to fulfill all of the promises made by him when they were still a thing. Camila Cabello goes a little flexible in Chorus of the lyrics of “Cry For Me”.

Even if he isn’t able to fulfill all of His promises, he could at least pretend like he’s trying to. The pretentious behaviors from an ex can be soothing sometimes when their thoughts keep you from sleeping every night. She’s been dreaming of him and crying for him. Therefore, she wants him to cry for her too. Guys, this is what love meant for Camila once.

[Verse 2]

Camila Cabello is running after her ex who has already moved on. Or maybe she’s trying to relate with us lyrically. She’s been acknowledging her toxic behaviors which includes stalking. The singer is looking at the pictures of her ex and his new girlfriend. She is getting emotional over one picture where her ex and his girlfriend are kissing. This must-have broken her heart.

The singer’s ex-boyfriend is showing the affection to his current girlfriend that he never showed to her. He is giving all the love to her current girlfriend that he never gave to her. Camila deserves an apology from her ex for putting her in such an uncomfortable situation. However, the singer still believes she is the best girlfriend her ex could ever have. He isn’t likely to forget the way she touched her and all that romantic stuff.


In the bridge section, the lyrics for “Cry For Me” by Camila Cabello hits the reality spectrum. She realizes that even though she’s hysterically crying over her ex, he isn’t crying for her. He isn’t showing any remorse. Instead of accepting that her ex is a bad guy, she is still asking him if he’s okay. I feel so bad for this phase of Camila.


In conclusion, this song is one emotional mess and now that we all can relate to it, we all can lock ourselves in a room and cry all we want. What do you guys think is the meaning behind the lyrics of “Cry For Me” by Camila Cabello? Let me know down in the comment section. Everyone, tweet Camila to stay strong and that we’re here for her. She deserves so much more than this!

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