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CHANYEOL, Good Enough: The English Lyrics Meaning


“Good Enough,” written by CHANYEOL, Jake Davis & KillaGraham, is a song released on the 20th of October, 2023. It is a solo release from one of the EXO members, CHANYEOL. The meaning of “Good Enough” lyrics by CHANYEOL is that sometimes it’s okay to pause, be content, and hope for brighter days. Even though the world that we live in is competitive, we don’t always have to push ourselves beyond our limits. Sometimes, being “good enough” is completely fine and we don’t have to feel bad for it.

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CHANYEOL, Good Enough: The English Lyrics Meaning

The first verse of “Good Enough” lyrics by CHANYEOL begins with the lines, “In my small room // Crouching my shoulders”. This means that his shoulders crouch because of the intense emotional burdens he carries. For him, time is stuck in a loop as if nothing is happening around him. He thinks his life is monotonous and he doesn’t have any desire or drive to do anything. The lyrics express that the singer finds everything happening around him a little difficult to deal with. He feels forced to smile even when he doesn’t want to.

In the pre-chorus of the song, CHANYEOL questions the circumstances of his life. He wants to know if it’s all right for him to stop where he is currently. This is because he feels like his life has become stagnant and it’s wise for him to accept and get comfortable with his situation. In the Post-Chorus of the song, the singer agrees that it’s okay for him to stay as he is. A simple life without stress is enough. He accepts the situation he is in and he makes peace with himself. In the bridge section of the song, CHANYEOL says that he will smile when he looks back at his past in the future. He is optimistic that his bad present will bloom into a bright future full of possibilities.

The chorus of “Good Enough” lyrics by CHANYEOL says our dreams can put extra pressure on our lives. He sings, “When even small dreams feel too heavy // When there’s even no time to take a sip of warmth”. This means sometimes our small unachieved dreams can accumulate to become heavy enough to pull our self-confidence down. We give our heart and soul to achieve our dreams while we lack time to enjoy the warmth of life. “When I crouch down and thе farthest, I can see are my toes” means CHANYEOL feels trapped. The final chorus talks about his dreams returning back to him while he enjoys the warmth of another season in the future. Even if our life is tough at the moment, everything will be fine in the near future.

In the second verse of the song, CHANYEOL gets vulnerable as he describes the loneliness and feeling of being at a dead end. He mentions “slow footsteps,” “a feeling of dragging his drained body back to his room,” and “the weight of worries”. Every now and then, we feel down but it’s totally normal and we should accept it. Then, we should contemplate that life is fine without a rush.

Context: CHANYEOL’s Good Enough Lyrics Meaning In English Translation

According to Yahoo, the lyrics of “Good Enough” by CHANYEOL give hope to us listeners that everything will be fine. It is the first solo of EXO member Chanyeol, aka Park Chan-Yeol, since his 2021 release, Tomorrow.  He says that as we chase our dreams, we will surely feel exhausted. But difficult times won’t last forever. So, we should not feel bad for feeling exhausted every now and then. Instead, we should embrace it.

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