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Dave ‘Starlight’ Lyrics Meaning Analysis


Dave – Starlight Lyrics Meaning

Laviasco readers might remember Dave from his 2020 diss tracks. The lyrics to ‘Starlight’ has a meaning revolving around the romantic life of Dave. It is the first release of a single from Dave in 2022. After teasing the song on Instagram Live, his fans forced him to drop a teaser on the 1st of March 2022. Then, he dropped the song today.

Dave’s ‘Starlight’ features a classic song ‘Fly Me to the Moon’ by Frank Sinatra. He seems to be optimistic about his established role as the lead of British hip-hop.

Introduction: Starlight Lyrics

The official video of ‘Starlight’ is directed by Dave which features the lyrics with accurate visual meaning. We can see gorgeous women seizing the moment in a modelling show, amplifying his high-end lifestyle. Dave seems to be rapping his lines from what appears to be his living room. He compares his life to Meek Mill‘s life as well.

Fly me to the moon, let me get some space
Seeing them stars on her private story

Key Lyrics to ‘Starlight’ by Dave

Starlight Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Starlight’ by Dave line by line in detail.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Outro]

The intro and outro accentuate a rewind rendition of a verse from ‘Fly Me To The Moon‘ by Frank Sinatra. It helps as the sample for the song. “Uoy evol I, sdrow rehto ni” converts “In other words, I love you” if you undo the rewind. Then, as the chorus comes, Dave claims to be living the life he is rapping about.

He then compares his lifestyle to that of Meek Mill’s where he visualises counting money while talking on the phone. It’s truly a dream come true for Dave counting his paper in a private jet. Then, he raps about his status in the British hip-hip community and how his wifey looks like.

[Verse 1]

Dave begins the verse with his incapability to trust another man in the rap game. PVA is a glue that is used to stick woods. The wordplay implies that he hangs around with his firearm every time. The visualisation of his “stick” or his ‘firearm’ glued onto his body. PDA means ‘Public Display of Affection’. He says he is not anxious about being affectionate in public.

[Verse 2]

The rapper and I have a similar taste in romantic relationships. I like mine obsessed and clingy, so does Dave. If she doesn’t miss him every single day, he is ready to move on. Even on a bad day, his wifey is a 10/10 for him. He doesn’t hesitate to ask her to kiss him in public whenever he gets a chance. He takes his G17 Glock even at a party for his safety concerns.

[Verse 3]

The rapper highlights the problems of the current world we are living in. Everyone is jealous of each other. People don’t want to see their wifey succeeding. Even Dave’s girlfriend gets jealous whenever she finds him enjoying his life without her. But then that’s his type, the clingy ones. Even then, he is ready to move on if the vibe is not mutual.

Conclusion: Starlight Meaning

Dave is not afraid of the judgments of people to be affectionate in public as he is blindly in love. ‘Starlight’ reveals that his confidence comes from the place of becoming wealthy. He has a profuse amount of money that he could spend without even thinking about it.

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