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14 Years Later Comeback By Dixie Chicks ‘Gaslighter’ Lyrics Meaning


Dixie Chicks – Gaslighter Lyrics Meaning

What an amazing day! “Gaslighter” is the first song dropped by Dixie Chicks in over a decade. This single is released as the promotional single for their 2020 record of the exact title. It commemorates their first fresh music since 2006 making their comeback after 14 years later. Dixie Chicks are accentuating the upbeat country-pop and articulated melodies that they’re adequately realized for. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Gaslighter’ by Dixie Chicks and see what they’ve come up with 14 years later.

Introduction: Gaslighter Lyrics

Gaslighting is a pattern of sentimental manipulation in which a person provokes someone else to question their own remembrance or understanding. It’s probable that “gaslighter” in this fashion implies to Natalie Maines‘ ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar, with whom she had a public fall out. The song underlines a retrieval to restructure the group, reflecting the emotions of a few of their hard-hitting tracks like Not Ready to Make Nice. We can probably expect to see people snitching on one another, but hey, we are always ready for a drama and hot tea!

Gaslighter Lyrics Meaning Dixie Chicks

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Gaslighter” by Dixie Chicks section-wise to see their progression as artists in 2020 after 14 years.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Bridge]

On the 28th of February 2020, Dixie Chicks tweeted their meaning of a “gaslighter.” In this topic, the gaslighter is Natalie Maines’ ex-husband, Adrian Pasdar, which makes a perfect sense with their current separation. The singer openly declares that she is doing all she can so as to get him out of her life. She highlights the way she was getting manipulated into doubting her existence that broke her into pieces. Her ex-husband is sorry for what has happened. However, there is still no apologies from his side, apparently. This is a coward move, boy!

[Verse 1]

The lyrics of ‘Gaslighter’ use the pronoun “we” all over the first verse. This could easily be hinting at the possibility of the whole group following the lead of Adrian Pasdar and moving into California with big dreams of making it big in the music industry. He is quite literally a big name in Hollywood. However, guys, envy and unrealistic ambitions caused his friends to walk away from him, and now his own wife. Just so you can understand the type of person he really is.

[Verse 2]

These types of manipulators lie to your face to make you believe everything is going fine. All he ever wanted to do was walk out of her life by taking all of her hard-earned money. This was all a plan but she couldn’t see it coming. It’s justifiable because these manipulators are extremely charming and interesting to be around. Back to this guy. He was allegedly cheating on her own boat. The level of hypocrisy is unimaginable here. Now she finally understands why he was refraining from coming home and making love to her.

[Verse 3]

It was evident that he wanted to leave her way before. However, he simply couldn’t do it because he didn’t have much money to leave her. So, all he did was fight with her which led its way to ongoing divorce. He couldn’t climb the heights he had dreamt of. Instead of trying to get what he wants to, he chose to go with torturing both himself as well as his ex-wife. Every time she tried to take a stand for herself, she was abused by him to make her believe she is the problem instead.

Conclusion: Gaslighter meaning Dixie Chicks

Even though there are two sides to the story, being a Dixie Chicks fan, I simply cannot stand the fact that she was going through emotional abuse. I cannot stress enough to show people how important it is to identify your worth and not get intimidated by anyone, not even by your loved ones! What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Gaslighter’ by Dixie Chicks? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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