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Feid ‘Normal’ Lyrics Meaning English Translation


Feid – Normal Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Normal’ by Feid in English Translation is the singer misses his ex-partner but has to act normal as if nothing has happened. Fied revealed the song for the first time in a TikTok video published on the 20th of October, 2021. At first, the longer version of the song was published by the producer of the song, Sky Rompiendo. It was later deleted. This move created a lot of speculation amongst the fans and that the song may not actually be released. But now, the song has been released and people are loving it.

‘Normal’ by Feid means even though both he and his ex-partner miss each other dearly, they continue to date other people so they can move on from each other.

Introduction: Normal Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Normal’ by Feid talk about a situation where two people want to be with each other but cannot be with each other. As in every relationship, this relationship has its fair share of sadness, mistakes, and affection for one another. Their connection to one another was not reciprocal previously. Yet, they continue to miss each other and want to be with one another when they remember the happy moments. However, they cannot be with one another because they have shared hurtful moments as well.

Normal, si te sientes solita y me extraña’
Y se te sale mi nombre
Difícil que llore’ por mí en otra cama
Dime quién te va a creer, la nеna no quiere Cartier
Quiеre buscarme en otra piel
Vive en la disco to’ los fine’ de semana
Pa’ ver si me vuelve a ver

Lyrics to ‘Normal’ by Feid

Normal Lyrics Meaning Translation

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Normal’ by Feid translation in English line by line in detail.

‘Normal’ by Feid is a single which is the 2nd song from his new album titled ‘FELIZ CUMPLE FERXXO‘. The release date of the song is the 7th of July, 2022.


In the intro of the ‘Normal’ lyrics, Feid says despite wanting to get her off his mind, he continues to dream of him. He says the relationship was not well reciprocated. “Yo dándote cien y tú me dabas cincuenta” translates into ‘Me giving you a hundred and you gave me fifty’. Fied accuses his ex-partner of cheating as well. For him, forgiving her will cost his mental peace. Despite wanting to forgive her, he remembers the betrayal. “Te extraño, pero perdonarte qué mucho me cuesta” means ‘I miss you but forgiving you how hard it is for me’ in English.


In the chorus section of the song lyrics, Feid says it’s normal to miss him when she feels alone. It’s difficult when she wants to say his name but cannot since she is in someone else’s bed. “Dime quién te va a career” translates into ‘Tell me who is going to believe you’ in English. The singer goes as far as to say, she will begin to search for him in someone else but cannot do so. She will go around the discos in the city and yet will be unable to find him.


“La nena no quiere un nene sano” translates into “The girl does not want a healthy baby”. The singer says her ex-partner had a pattern and history of dating toxic boys. He misses her while she misses him and the toxicity she enjoys with toxic boys or as Feid calls them ‘Bad Cats’. “Te tiene así, pensando en mí” means ‘He has you like this, thinking of me’ in English. Feid admits to losing himself while seeing her in verse of ‘Normal lyrics. He hopes that she will see him the way he sees her somewhere in the future despite knowing very well that it could just be his wishful thinking.

Conclusion: Normal Meaning

The meaning of ‘Normal’ by Feid is that his relationship ended on bad terms and that it’s not possible for both of them to ever get back with one another. He expresses hurt and frustration throughout the song while adding that it’s very difficult for him to forgive her for cheating on him. The singer feels lied to and cheated on. If he happens to forgive her for her actions, he won’t able to forgive himself for forgiving her.

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