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Fujii Kaze, Hana: The English Lyrics Meaning


“Hana,” written by Fujii Kaze, is a song released on the 13th of October, 2023. It is the theme song for Fuji TV drama series, “Ichiban Sukina Hana”. The meaning of “Hana” lyrics by Fujii Kaze is the expression of the temporary beauty of life and his journey to self-discovery. He encourages us to embrace ourselves, believe in ourselves, and accept that we are unique from others. Our life moves in a cycle. We do anything it takes to gain the trust of other people and be around beautiful people.

You can listen to Fujii Kaze’s “Hana” below.

Official Audio of “Hana” by Fujii Kaze

Fujii Kaze, Hana: The English Lyrics Meaning

The first verse of “Hana” lyrics by Fujii Kaze begins with the lines, “It’s dying // even at this moment // it’s blooming // everything comes together.” He compares his life experiences and moments to flowers blooming and withering as the season changes. There are lots of ups and downs. The questions such as “What can I do? // Who shall I live?” mean everyone in the world struggles with finding a purpose and direction in life.

In the chorus of the song, Fujii Kaze talks about his search for beauty and trust. “Holding a bouquet of wilted flowers under my arm” means the singer is looking for everlasting beauty. The phrase “wilted flowers” means that beauty is temporary. But his trust in “you and me” is permanent. This means the singer understands the importance of trust and memorable experiences. Here, he talks about his journey of self-discovery as a means to “bloom” so that everyone can see “the flower inside of me.”

The second verse of “Hana” lyrics by Fujii Kaze is about his love for finding something meaningful in life. “Secretly, I’m trying to put my heart” means his journey to self-discovery is very personal, and it is often not talked about. “Living “with a prayer” means the earnest yearning for guidance and purpose. The line, “For how long will I be lost? I’ll find out someday, I’m sure,” means he is hopeful that he will eventually find a way to his purpose in life. Here, “We are alone” means we all have our own goals and aspirations. Yet, the phrase “All is one” means that we can unite despite our differences.

In the second chorus of the song, Fujii Kaze talks about embracing the diversity and uniqueness that lie within ourselves. “confused by the various shapes and forms” means our identity is intricate and multifaceted. Then, he sings, “one day everything will feel so cute.” This means even though we have different experiences, our experiences will contribute to everyone’s overall beauty. He questions, “What will I be? // What color would I like to be?” This means he is asking necessary questions in his journey to find “the flower inside of me.”

Context: Hana Meaning Fujii Kaze

“Hana” by Fujii Kaze is produced by frequent Charli XCX and Hikaru Utada collaborator A. G. Cook. Here, “flower” is a metaphor. The word “flower” spreads the message of self-discovery, and personal growth as he looks for inner strength and unity. Fujii once wrote the song on a plane during his Asia tour in 2023. In the song, he wrote the lyrics and composed the music without using any instruments. He did this all while reading a script of the drama series. All he depended on was the tick-tock sound of a ballpoint pen to count the rhythm. Now, that’s a real talent. This song is for Fuji TV drama series, “Ichiban Sukina Hana”.

I felt that the main characters in this story were searching for various answers in their respective lives. I think there are many people out there who can relate to them, and I thought I would also join them in their search for answers. As a result, I feel like I was able to create the most straightforward and pure song I have ever made. I am truly grateful for this precious opportunity. I am very much looking forward to seeing what kind of story awaits them and what they will find, both as a viewer and as a friend.

Fujii Kaze via Billboard Japan

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