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Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano, LOU LOU: The English Lyrics Meaning


“LOU LOU,” written by Natanael Cano, Gabito Ballesteros & Brandon Daniel Candia Nunez, is a song released on the 19th of October, 2023. It is a collaboration between Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano with Cano’s first song in partnership with Interscope Records. The meaning of “LOU LOU” lyrics by Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano is living a lavish lifestyle full of wealth and luxury. Here, the artists reference brands like Versace, and Rolex, and celebrities like Lady Gaga. They are living a life full of luxury and good connections in the music industry. Also, the word “bélico” means to have a fearless, warrior-like work ethic towards their lifestyle.

You can listen to Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano’s “LOU LOU” below.

Official Music Video of “LOU LOU” by Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano

Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano, LOU LOU: The English Lyrics Meaning

The chorus of the song “LOU LOU” lyrics by Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano begins with “Lou Lou, siempre con mi Barbie // Huele a fresita Versace // Champú Lady Gaga, Dom Péri que no es sedal // Los delta siempre nos cuidan.” Here, the rappers give a reference to amazing Versace fragrances they often use. Also, they reference the shampoos used by Lady Gaga. With these references, we should understand that the rest of the song is a description of their luxurious lifestyle.

In the first verse of the song, Natanael Cano also talks about his life filled with extravagance. He refers to himself as “Compa Shrek,” surrounded by “morra cherry,” and enjoying the finest quality “mota cherry.” Here, “Compa Shrek” is a reference to Shrek, “morra cherry” means “cherry girls”, and “mota cherry” means “cherry greens”. The mention of “01:02, me marca el Rolex” means his Rolex watch shows the time of 01:02 and it is likely the nighttime considering the music video takes place in the night. Here, the word “bélico” means to have a sense of warrior-like boldness in the lifestyle of the artists.

The refrain of “LOU LOU” lyrics by Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano further talks about the extravagance they enjoy in life. Here, the “fresada pa’ la albercada” means enjoying poolside parties with their respective romantic partners. Then, they give a shoutout to Drake who also lives a similar lavish lifestyle. The artists are unapologetic about their wealth. They sing, “Pero él no es el patrón, son cuatro letras, eso es obvio” which means “But he’s not the boss, it’s four letters, that’s obvious” in English. This shows how they want to gain more influence in their music careers.

In the second verse of the song, Gabito Ballesteros also continues to show off his life drenched in luxury. He mentions “Don Julio sabor 99” which means he has a taste for premium tequila. The line, “Al boss Julio lo cuidan sus plebes” means people around him provide him the loyalty and protection. Then, the line “03 las fresas, puro Scary Movie” means he loves strawberries and horror movies.

Context: Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano’s “LOU LOU” Lyrics Meaning In English Translation

According to Remezcla, the concept of the song “LOU LOU” developed in the setting of a fancy nightclub in Guadalajara, Mexico. In the music video, we can see two Mexican artists performing together which represents Gabito Ballesteros & Natanael Cano performing together. It was directed by Shotbypeteypablo. The overall concept of the song is the artists enjoying their lives with romantic partners full of luxury and immense wealth.

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