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What Is the Meaning of “Mary on a Cross” Lyrics by Ghost?


“Mary on a Cross,” written by Tobias Forge, Salem Al Fakir & Vincent Pontare, is a song released on the 13th of September, 2019. It is the first song from Ghost’s 2022 album, [MESSAGE FROM THE CLERGY]. Also, it is the second song from their ‘re-release’ EP from the late ‘60s, Seven Inches of Satanic Panic. The meaning of “Mary on a Cross” lyrics by Ghost is a ‘blasphemous’ love relationship between Papa Nihil & an alcoholic drink (Bloody Mary). However, the song also sounds as though it is about a guy running away with a girl (Imperator) to live their lives together. Many critics and publications went as far as to call the song promoting blasphemy because of this. Also, the lyrics have a temporal use of religion and religious phraseology with the accusations of visuals associated with Satanism. Their main concern is the usage of an upside-down cross on the album cover. You can listen to Ghost’s “Mary on a Cross” below.

Official Lyric Video of “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost

What Is the Meaning of “Mary on a Cross” Lyrics by Ghost?

The meaning of the First Verse of “Mary on a Cross” lyrics is a romantic affair between Papa Nihil and Imperator. Here, the lyric “But besides all the stardom, all we got was blues” means that Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator got fame which brought in possibilities of new friendships. But that came with the price of being surrounded by people all the time only to feel sadness and walk with bruises that cannot be seen. Often in music, the word “blue” is associated with sadness. A lot of celebrities deal with consuming herbs and greens to avoid pressure. Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator rode around high with their own tension in their relationship. This means they have been together through thick and thin. It also means they consumed herbs (or greens) and they are now riding ‘high’ as a result.

From the chorus, the lyric, “You go down just like Holy Mary” is viral all over TikTok. On one hand, this lyric means a blasphemous remark that questions the purity of the infamous Virgin Mary. It suggests Mary was on her knees when Jesus was crucified. The wording used unfailingly throughout the lyrics of ‘Mary on a Cross’ while vocalizing “Mary on a” makes this sound like listeners could effortlessly misunderstand that they are describing the herb (or greens), pronounced as: /mary-jua-na/. Also, the lyric, “Nothing wrong with that” means the band is pro-herbs consumption and they support its legalization. “Tickle you internally” means Papa Nihil and Sister Imperator are involved in romantic affairs with each other. It is a romantic metaphor as well as a metaphor for getting high on “herbs” or “greens.” Joints that are shaped like a cross are also a thing in this community. Here, the idea is to light three points of the cross and inhale on the fourth.

The meaning of the Second Verse of “Mary on a Cross” lyrics by Ghost is to understand that playing by the rules is only for fools. “play by the rules” has two meanings: societal anticipations and the laws and regulations in two different respects. The band ‘Ghost’ was looking for ways to play by the rules. So, they had faith in God for a while until they realized they were wasting their time and it wasn’t fun enough for them. As it got boring for them, they experimented with different ideas in their music. Now, their music gives a taste of blasphemous and satanic profanities. But for them, this change is different and good.

Context of “Mary on a Cross” Lyrics Meaning by Ghost

According to Louder’s Paul Travers, in September 2022, a TikTok user uploaded a slowed-down, reverb-heavy version of this song on a compilation of Stranger Things scenes. Then, the song began to go viral all over social media, especially on TikTok. ‘Mary on a Cross’ by Ghost means forbearance, consideration, and beyond everything, love to send out a robust note to everyone, regardless of their theology. The lyrics claim for us to aid our adversaries to comprehend the sacrifice that Jesus made for us and to utilize that as a benchmark of how we should treasure our neighbors.

According to Distractify’s KELLY CORBETT, the lyrics of ‘Mary on a Cross’ by Ghost talk about the comparison with the Holy Mary is profane and blasphemous, as the Holy Mary was on her knees to pray for Jesus. This song is produced in a way that continually suggests a variation related to smoking herbs, a tale about the incidents of the band members, and the wicked discrepancy that obscene stories make next to religious topics. As the topic centers mostly around religion, the song has been heavily criticized.

Is ‘Mary on a Cross’ blasphemous?

Yes, ‘Mary on a Cross’ lyrics by Ghost is blasphemous as the song questions the virtue of the holy Mary and uses the cross as a symbol of intimacy. The song is also interpreted as one of the bizarre thought processes that a person goes through when he is consuming alcohol. When people are intoxicated by alcoholic drinks, their consciousness doesn’t work like that of regular people. I don’t think it should be a surprise to anybody that a song by a group that worships satan is blasphemous.

Ghost has been able to accept the blasphemous remarks from the critics while giggling at their own genius of putting their unconsciousness into consciousness in the form of art. ‘Mary on a Cross’ is about the bizarre questions that people ask themselves when they consume recreational substances. A few questions would be “Is holy Mary truly holy?”, “How did she give birth to Jesus if she were really holy?”, etc.

Is Mary on a Cross a Satanic song?

No, ‘Mary on a Cross’ to me is not a Satanic song and is about a woman who is suffering as Jesus did. But people may argue that the song is produced by a Satanic band and hence the interpretation of the song must be satanic. It’s all about how the listeners interpret the lyrics. I can say that “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost is indeed a blasphemous song but isn’t exactly a satanic song. However, some people interpret ‘Mary on a Cross’ as a Blasphemous song while others interpret it as a Blasphemous as well as a Satanic song.

Is ‘Mary on a Cross’ a Christian song?

Yes, ‘Mary on a Cross’ is a Christian song with a blasphemous touch. It is not satanic despite being produced by a band that worships satan. Many biblical references found in ‘Mary on a Cross’ lyrics are the Ghost band showing their genius on a song. “You go down just like holy Mary” refers to both the mask of intimacy and the cross as a phallic emblem. It also implies that Satan was really the father of Jesus and this subjugation is just another in a prolonged line of the immorality of pastoral ladies. Read the original lyrics of Ghost’s “Mary on a Cross” via Genius.

Official Audio of “Mary on a Cross” by Ghost

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