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Ghost ‘Twenties’ Lyrics Meaning


Ghost – Twenties Lyrics Meaning

By the name itself, ‘Ghost’, we can assume that their music is scary. Ghost has released the theatrical metal song ‘Twenties’ with very abrasive lyrics with demeaning meanings. The surprise release has been unusual to the fans as well. We are in for a treat. They have tried to take inspiration from Iron Maiden in some shape or form.

The meaning of ‘Twenties’ (20s) is in the indication of the period 1920s by Ghost in the lyrics of the song. It was when the fascist regimes rose in power in Germany and Italy sowing a seed for the Second World War.

Introduction: Twenties Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Twenties’ by Ghost not only talk about the period of the 1920s but also the 2020s. They are highlighting how the world powers destroy peace just to satisfy their ego. After the 1920s, the Second World War followed. Today, in the 2020s, many conflicts such as Nato vs Russia conflict in Ukraine, Armenia vs Azerbaijan, China vs Taiwan, etc.

We’ll be dancing in the fields of freedom
In the Twenties (Twenties)
We’ll be crushing them laws ’cause we don’t need ’em

Ghost ‘Twenties’ Lyrics

Twenties Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Twenties’ by Ghost line by line in detail.

[Verse 1]

The first verse begins with demeaning lines. As the song progresses, we can hear Nazi Germany referred to as ‘hatchet man.’ The term ‘hatchet man’ means a hired murderer. These men supposedly control a lot of the land of a country with their guns. It is done so that the Reich to prosper and grow. ‘Reich’ means Empire.

[Chorus/ Pre-Chorus]

The chorus is a fantasy world that the aggressors of the war live in. People living in the world powers are sold a dream of having a lot of money and land after fighting the war for their countries. As they are sent to the war, they may or may not come back alive. But the thrill of flying on fighter jets and conquering the world keeps them going.

The term ‘Pile of Moolah’ means a pile of money. ‘Hoohas’ means disturbance, ‘Chulas’ means pimps, and ‘Bevies’ means a large group of people.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, a particular student from Ivy League who became the Vice President for Donald Trump, Mike Pence, is mentioned. The song has shown how the people in power gaslight you into thinking that not going to the war is for the weak. “Every powerful man or woman goes to the war” is a narrative that follows during the war.

The song ‘Twenties’ is sung by the band which goes by alias ‘Ghost’. Tobias Forge wrote the lyrics for the song ‘Twenties’.

Conclusion: Twenties Meaning

The song directly speaks to the double standards of the people in power. Every war is a byproduct of the hurt ego of powerful nations. They want to be involved in the war directly or indirectly and appease their egos upon winning the war. At times when they lose the war, they go into another war to subside the previous loss.

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