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Glass Animals ‘Heat Waves’ Lyrics Meaning Analysis


Glass Animals – Heat Waves Lyrics Meaning

If you’re thinking ‘Heat Waves’ is about some crazy newfound hurricane, you’d be dead wrong. The best analysis of the lyrics of the song ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animal has the meaning of remaining strong through vulnerable periods in life. It’s the fourth single from the UK based band, Glass Animals. ‘Heat Waves’ is a popular DNF pop song that is used by people to ship potential lovers.

‘Heat Waves’ is a popular DNF pop song that stands for ‘Dream Not Found’. It is a way to ship names between people who we want to see as lovers. For eg. Louis Tomlinson and Harry Style’s ship name is Larry.

Introduction: Heat Waves Lyrics

The lyrics for ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals have been a TikTok sensation with people deducing meaning left and right. It has already garnered 1.1 Billion Streams on Spotify. The song has been No. 1 on Billboard Global 200 chart. Such a big pop culture phenomenon after Lil Nas X’s ‘Old Town Road’. It’s a new start for Glass Animals.

Heat Waves Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals line by line in detail.

[Intro/ Outro]

The lyrics are about a mirage that can transpire when the road gets very heated. The heated air bends light contrarily than unheated air. Because the air is surging up, it develops into a shimmering and deformed look that looks moist.

Similar to the crests and troughs of a real wave, “Heat Waves” proceeds on highs and lows into sorrow, before surging to a confident, positive finish.

The vision of the highway represents how his goal in life is distorted by people’s judgments of him. It makes him overlook what he wishes to do to make others pleased. He’s becoming what other people expect him to be.

[Verse 1]

This verse describes a common phenomenon. When we are going through tough times, everything around us seems to be about us. If someone is gossiping, it feels like they are talking about us. Then, when you watch the TV to distract yourself, it feels like the TV narrative relates to your life.

If a breakup song is live on the TV, we feel like the TV is listening to us all along. Everything seems to be about us. In such a situation, we should understand that the world doesn’t revolve around us. However, amid an existential crisis, we fail to think rationally.


To “fake out” is an informal way to represent betraying, cunning, or conning somebody. Likewise, the flickering waves imply an illusion, a visual extravaganza where heated waves refract light and generate a picture of water. Such illusions constantly come to people in dry regions like deserts.

Heat waves been faking me out
Can’t make you happier now

Popular Lyrics of ‘Heat Waves’ by Glass Animals

[Verse 2]

In this verse, the singer talks about how it’s difficult for him to complain about the relationship and it’s tough to breathe. Sadly, this is what happens to most toxic relationships. They can neither treat each other well nor they can separate. It shows that their relationship doesn’t work and the connection is hanging by a thread.


As the relationship gets bitter and toxic, people care about their significant other than about themselves. This sort of behaviour is unattractive to most people. Self-respect is always the best way to maintain attractiveness in a relationship. If you lose your self-respect and begin to please people, you will not only lose your partner but also your self-respect.

Conclusion: Heat Waves Meaning

The meaning of the song ‘Heat Waves’ is going through highs when the relationship goes well and lows when you face any difficulty. This type of volatility shows you are not a stable person and that you lack self-confidence. Being self-aware of your triggers stands key to maintaining your mental health.

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