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Analyzing Don Toliver ‘No Idea’ Lyrics Meaning in Detail


Don Toliver – No Idea Lyrics Meaning

‘No idea’ is a lovey-dovey song by Don Toliver. In the track, he talks about his sweet relationship with a woman who he adores and wants to make things more romantic. He mentions getting drunk and sexual exchange with the woman. In the song, Toliver evaluates a connection with his romantic interest who he really likes. Then, he exhibits his objective to evolve further down the road of life. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘No Idea’ by Don Toliver.

Introduction: No Idea Lyrics

‘No Idea’ is the leading single from Don Toliver’s second official album ‘RESSURRECTION’. Album’s name is pretty self-explanatory, as in this track and rest of his album he reflects on his heartbreaks and getting back on life by getting control over his emotions. This song was heavily promoted on Toliver’s Twitter account and then later it was disclosed on the 29th of May 2019.

No Idea Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘No Idea’ by Don Toliver section-wise.

[Verse 1]

Don Toliver starts by talking about that night when he got drunk with the girl in the club. He was hangover and asked the girl to come to his place by mentioning his sexual desires. Don wants to know what they will be doing after the club. Then, he suggests he is usually home alone and he would like his romantic interest to come over at his place. He is ready to either take an Uber or book a taxi so as to get her in his apartment.


The singer is talking about his taste in the women, that he is very picky among the women he hangs out with, which clearly reflects his past relationship with the women. He wants to know the woman before showing his intent to progress further and committing for long term relation. His romantic interest doesn’t need to be at his place. Don will be at her house but only if he is invited.


Don Toliver has completely fallen in love with this woman and wants to make things even more romantic. He is loving her company besides him and wants to get more intimate with her and enjoy his life with her. The artist wants to get naughtier and gets even more flirtatious after that.

[Verse 2]

The singer reflects light upon his life after ending the relationship with the woman. He is saying that he has endured the heartbreak and his getting little control over his emotions but still gets emotional and out of place sometimes. Then, he talks about another woman he is seeing. The singer tries to compare them but fails to do that. This is because his current romantic interest isn’t apparently comparable to anyone.


In the end, Don Toliver mentioned that she didn’t love me the way he did, that she was too materialistic and always complained about stuff.

Conclusion: ‘No Idea’ Meaning

These songs are so relatable that it got hit even on tiktok. Everybody could relate to their bad relations and also get inspired about getting themselves together and move on. Tell us what do you think about the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘No Idea’ by Don Toliver in the comments section below.

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  1. Mostafa Mohamed

    Actually I don’t agree with this interpretation of “No Idea” at all, to me this song is clearly about the aftermath of a breakup, an ending of a rather deep love relationship, which becomes clear at the end of the song, which is what led to his breakdown and recklessness in drinking and picking up women rather haphazardly and acting all unbalanced and rather impatient and even violent, also in many instances he is shown with signs of guilt and regret over how things are going and how she’s mad cause she couldn’t see things his way or so he thinks, in my opinion the key to understanding this song and clip is the last few lines.

  2. don toliver

    i dont get the part where he says hes doing too much?

    1. Laviasco

      Don Toliver is going head over heels for his lover but she is not reciprocating his efforts in “No Idea”

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