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Gracie Abrams – Difficult: Lyrics Meaning


Gracie Abrams – Difficult Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Difficult’ by Gracie Abrams is the struggles that she faces every single day are tough to deal with. ‘Difficult’ is a new single from her upcoming first album produced and written by Aaron Dessner and Gracie Abrams. The release date of the song is the 7th of October, 2022. Gracie has always been so open about desiring her music to be emotional and vulnerable. During the song release, Gracie said these lyrics help her to connect with fans who can relate to her situation.

‘Difficult’ by Gracie Abrams means her accepting vulnerability and truthfulness even when it comes to her family situation.

Difficult Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics to ‘Difficult’ by Gracie Abrams talk about her constant disappointment and anger. Her bitterness is toward her own life and towards her family. She feels like she doesn’t belong in her own house. But she cannot take her own decisions by moving out. This is because she doesn’t want her parents to slip away from her more than they already have. Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Difficult’ by Gracie Abrams line by line in detail.

[Verse 1/ Bridge]

My double vision
Is only amplifyin’ everythin’ he isn’t
Till I feel less attached and bored to death but listen
It’s no one’s fault, it’s just my terrible condition, mm
And I’ve been thinkin’
If I move out this year, I’ll feel my parents slippin’
Away and also, I’m just scared of that commitment
I really think sometimes there’s somethin’ that I’m missin’, mm

Verse 1 to ‘Difficult’ Lyrics

I’ve been drinkin’
And stayin’ up too late, relivin’ bad decisions
I thought eventually, my ranting here would fix it
I really think sometimes there’s somethin’ that I’m missin’ (Mm)

Bridge to ‘Difficult’ Lyrics


“Double vision” means to see something double its size. This was her expectation in her new relationship. But it didn’t turn out to be what she had hoped for. So, the disappointment kicks in the first verse to ‘Difficult’ lyrics for Gracie Abrams. Then, she thinks about moving out. However, that would only make her family more separated than they already are. Gracie is ranting about her problems. But she realizes ranting isn’t going to help in the bridge section of the song.

[Chorus/ Post-Chorus]

Oh, I know
Spiralin’ is miserable
I should probably go back home
Why does that feel difficult, difficult?
Oh, I hope
I wake up invisible
I’d be someone no one knows
I guess I’m just difficult

Chorus to ‘Difficult’ Lyrics


In the Chorus of ‘Difficult’ lyrics, Gracie Abrams sings that spiraling on a topic is miserable. She wants to make a concrete decision for every action. But she cannot do so. She finds it difficult. Even when she thinks about going back to her home, she finds it difficult. However, she cannot move out either as she cannot make a decision. At this point, she just wishes she were invisible. Then, she would become someone no one knows. Towards the end, she blames herself for being difficult.

[Verse 2]

To name this feelin’
Would take a hundred thousand years, some kind of grievin’
But over what I never had, so I’ve been speakin’
To my therapist, I call her every weekend, mm
I meant to tell you
How I’ve hated how we left things when it fell through
‘Cause you were everythin’ to me, where did you run to?
Was it somethin’ that I said that colored you blue? Mm

Verse 2 to ‘Difficult’ Lyrics


Gracie Abrams talks about not knowing how to convey her feelings in the second verse of ‘Difficult’ lyrics. It would take her a very long time to understand what she is going through. But since she feels like she cannot deal with her mental state all by herself, she dials her therapist every weekend. She talks about her relationship with her ex with her therapist. In the lyrics, she asks him where did he run to despite him being everything to her.

Conclusion: Difficult Meaning Gracie Abrams

‘Difficult’ by Gracie Abrams means that she is vulnerable about her mental health condition and shows how therapy can help. The singer has advocated openly for mental health issues. She urges her fans to ask for help as no one should be fighting sadness by themselves. It’s difficult to admit that there is a problem and that one should seek help. In the process, nobody should feel ashamed of getting help for their mental health conditions.

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