Is Original Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” Lyrics Meaning About Clean & Erotic Oral Fun?

Is Original Harry Styles “Watermelon Sugar” Lyrics Meaning About Clean & Erotic Oral Fun?

Harry Styles – Watermelon Sugar Lyrics Meaning

Hello everyone, Laviasco here. You can find me on Twitter @laviasco as well. Give me a follow. Harry Styles has become the king of surprise music releases lately. He’s got no chill, guys! I just woke up just to see Harry Styles releasing a new song. I couldn’t be more excited. While reading the lyrics of the song, we can find many cryptic messages inside. Lately, there have been many speculations about Harry’s sexuality. But this time, he’s probably singing about his ex-girlfriend and the taste of her “Watermelon”. Without further ado, let’s learn the original meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles about clean and erotic oral fun.

According to headline by Rolling Stone, Harry Styles yearns for the taste of ‘Watermelon Sugar’ on his new song. Styles’ sophomore album ‘Fine Line’ will be released in December. According to Billboard, Harry Styles sent the Twitter atmosphere into a turmoil on October 23 when he tweeted, “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run,” potentially taunting a new single that would pursue the vibe of his previous debut album’s standout song, “Kiwi.”

Introduction: Watermelon Sugar Lyrics

The “Lights Up” singer is unapologetically secretive. The whole music world went crazy after Harry released a bisexual themed music video with a lot of beautiful men and women toying with his body that doesn’t even have a single strand of hair. The track “Watermelon Sugar” was released without warning to the fans, less than an hour before he performed the track on Saturday Night Live. The song is rumored to be about his ex-girlfriend, Camille Rowe dated in 2017 and 2018.

Harry Styles went through his breakup with Rowe that had a big impact on him. He had a whole emotional journey about her, the whole relationship was an experience for him. Maybe this breakup was the main inspiration behind this pop-rock banger, Watermelon Sugar. The song is probably talking about Harry missing his physical experience with his ex-girlfriend. He misses getting her “Watermelon high”.

Watermelon Sugar Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the original song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles section-wise about clean and erotic oral fun. Fans had been speculating about this for so long. But the music video made an absolute sense, providing fans with “yes, you’re correct” reply.

[Verse 1]

The term “strawberry” is usually used to refer to the female physical workers who take d**gs in exchange instead of money. However, considering the celebrity lifestyle of Styles, we shouldn’t be surprised that he might have had multiple partners at the same time. We also shouldn’t be shocked to acknowledge the fact that he can very well be involved with d**gs. Maybe, this is why his relationship with Rowe didn’t work out. But there can be another explanation for it.

Harry might simply be appreciating his ex-girlfriend by creating a scene for him to show his addiction to her. The fact that he is still making a song about her means that she meant something for him. He was simply addicted to her, her cologne, and her personality overall. Everything about her including her voice and her taste is making him addicted to her. Harry wants more of her, more berries, more cool summer feelings, and more fun with her.


Harry Styles throws in the lyrics to show the meaning of his intimate side in the Pre-Chorus of “Watermelon Sugar”. He wants to share a kiss to breathe each other in and out. The singer is residing in his memories, in the recollection of the beautiful moments he had had with his ex-girlfriend. Even though he isn’t together with her now, he doesn’t know if he can spend the rest of his life without the memories of the beautiful moments they had shared with each other.


The chorus section just repeats the title of the song over and over again. Technically, “Watermelon” represents the reproductive fluid of the men with a lot of seeds in it. “Watermelon high” can basically be the wordplay to represent the climax of physical pleasure. On the other hand, when talking to Elle in February 2017, Camille revealed that one of her favorite books was “In Watermelon Sugar” by Richard Brautigan. So, I guess, it’s just Harry talking about Rowe’s favorite book.

[Verse 2, Bridge]

It’s no secret that Harry Styles is into the summer season and everything this season has got to offer. He coins his breakup as being the end of June, i.e. beginning for the end of the Summer season. The singer wants the summer season with the belly of his ex-girlfriend by his side to play with. He wishes to get away from the reality spectrum and he wishes to get lost inside his fantasy with his ex-lover. In short, the song is about oral fun and the music video proves it.

Conclusion: Watermelon Sugar Meaning

Urban Dictionary defines the term ‘Watermelon Sugar’ as an exotic item that Harry Styles can never possibly live without. The angel-like sound followed by the song has touched hearts of at least 10 million people worldwide. This song has a lot of interesting facts hidden inside its lyrics. We’ve tried our best to decode the meaning behind the lyrics of the original song ‘Watermelon Sugar’ by Harry Styles. What do you think is the meaning behind the song? Do you agree with us? If you have any other opinions, opine all you want in the comments section below.

Watermelon Sugar Official Music Video

In the original music video for the song, Harry Styles uses his tongue a lot for clean, erotic, and oral references. Watch the official music video of “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles:

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “Watermelon Sugar” by Harry Styles on Genius in detail.

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  1. Roger

    Watermelon Sugar is probably the best Harry styles song where the meaning in its lyrics can be interpreted in so many ways. Laviasco has done a great job writing about it. It’s an amazing article.

    1. Laviasco

      Thank you so much. We love Harry Styles and Watermelon Sugar, quite literally as well 😉

  2. alexia

    You took a beautiful song and disected it to crass and ugly.

    1. Laviasco

      It is still a great song. Sex isn’t bad and ugly, it is normal.

      1. Roger

        Your right on the nail, lyrical history is full of innuendo and it was the only way for the young writers to bypass the heavy bible belting censors. Elvis and his hips, Beatles and many others with drugs. It was years before i found out the meaning of “sex on fire” 😂😂 everything is open to interpretation but never found any of the lyrics crass or ugly nor the act. 😉

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