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What Is Harry Styles ‘Love of My Life’ Lyrics Meaning?


Harry Styles – Love of My Life Lyrics Meaning

The meaning of the lyrics for ‘Love of My Life’ by Harry Styles is falling out of love only to realize this person was the one. This happens more often than not. People in a relationship feel like they deserve better at a certain point in the relationship. They break the relationship apart even when they didn’t have any problems. Later, they realise that person was the one for them. But it’s too late.

‘Love of My Life’ by Harry Styles means longing for somebody you broke up with after realizing that they made a mistake. They cut off a good person just to regret it later.

Introduction: Love of My Life Lyrics

The lyrics of ‘Love of My Life’ by Harry Styles come down to it was them, it has always been them, and it has been them all along. However, you cannot add “it will always be the” cause you cut off a good person thinking you deserve better. The lyrics of this song are startling as they are very open and bare. Also, the instrumental for this track was enclosed in the album trailerplayed in reverse:

​Baby, you were the love of my life
Woah, maybe you don’t know it’s lost ’til you find it
It’s not what I wanted, to leave you behind
Don’t know where you’ll land when you fly

Lyrics for ‘Love of My Life’ by Harry Styles

Love of My Life Lyrics Meaning

Let’s analyze the meaning of the lyrics behind the song ‘Love of My Life’ by Harry Styles line by line in detail.

‘Love of My Life’ by Harry Styles is the 13th and the final track from his 2022 album ‘Harry’s House‘. The release date of the song is the 20th of May 2022.

[Intro/ Chorus/ Post-Chorus/ Instrumental Outro]

The intro and chorus of the song ‘Love of My Life’ are saying, you don’t miss the wrong person but you miss the right one dearly. He says it was not his intention to break apart and move on. But it’s a method of ‘damage control’ where you don’t have to admit that your decisions were wrong. “Just coordinates” means that Harry Styles can only recall the coordinates of the locations he had travelled to with his former lover.

[Verse 1]

The singer recalls their long walk dates on Sundays. “We can always find somethin’ for us to do” means that they didn’t have to stress about what to do next when they were together. It felt supernatural and easy. They didn’t like it at all when they were on the news constantly. Here, Styles talks about using alias names or fake names to reserve the hotel rooms to avoid gaining attention when they are out in the public.

[Verse 2]

Unfortunately, the singer feels like he didn’t know his lover very well before they broke up. Now, after they are apart from each other, Harry Styles feels like there is something about her that both he and his friends didn’t know. “Creases” means the wrinkles that form when someone is laughing or smiling. “Ends” means what they truly do to make a living. Harry doesn’t know this person anymore like he used to.

Conclusion: Love of My Life Meaning

The meaning of “Love of My Life” by Harry Styles is that we only realize we love someone when we miss them after we let them go. It’s a sad realisation that things could have worked out if they did this and they did that. But by the time they realize it, it’s already too late. The worst part of all of this is you won’t even know what that person is up to today!

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