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Headie One & Drake ‘Only You Freestyle’ Lyrics Meaning Reopens Pusha T Wounds


Headie One & Drake – Only You Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

The meaning behind the lyrics for ‘Only You Freestyle’ by Headie One & Drake is hinting towards Pusha T wounds once again. Headie One is a rising rapper from the UK. This freestyle consists of many references to locations all around Europe and mostly from the Eastern Hemisphere. Hello everyone, this is Amanda for Laviasco providing you with the most intellectual analysis of the song. You can find us on Twitter @laviasco as well.

‘Only You Freestyle’ gives you an opportunity to hear Drake bashing his arch-rivals, Pusha T and Kanye West. As much as you’d like to believe Drake has moved on from there, it seems to me his wounds have not yet healed.

Introduction: Only You Freestyle Lyrics

In the following lyrics for ‘Only You Freestyle’, Drake seems to have thrown shots at his arch-rivals, Pusha T and Kanye West. The general understanding of these lines is here for Drake to boast about how people are willing to purchase the albums or projects of his rivals just to hear them talking about Drake. He understands his height of success has been used and milked for album sales and never-ending fame. However, it’s only fair if both parties are on beneficial ends and Drake feels like his image is getting torn down.

Sh-t you man been droppin’ lately
Don’t make me have to fly my iTunes
So much people buy into my hype
Don’t make me have to buy my hype too
Dealt with the big homie already
Don’t make me have to side-by-side you
Nuff times he tried to hide behind you

Notable lyrics for ‘Only You Freestyle’ by Drake & Headie One

Only You Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Only You Freestyle’ by the Headie One and Drake section-wise. Before that let’s point out a few facts from the song.

Facts About ‘Only You Freestyle’ Song By Headie One & Drake

  1. The song takes a jab at Pusha T and Kanye West yet once again.
  2. Drake anoints Headie One as “the best drill artist in the world.”
  3. ‘Only You Freestyle’ accentuates a simplistic beat reminiscent of the UK edition of the genre.
  4. Drake raps in the beat with Arabic words which has given even more hype to the song as to what the lyrics mean.

[Verse 1: Drake]

Nessel “Chubbs” Beezer is one of Drake’s dearest colleagues and the OVO’s head of security. Maya Jama is a British television personality who broke up with Stormzy in 2019. Drake fiddles with Desiigner’s name by asserting that his dresser is filled by designer apparel. He is showing off his capacity to purchase luxurious commodities for himself. To “link up” implies to meet up with someone. This specific song is a UK drill, starring a UK drill rapper. Drake then shows off his ability to use the fire gun.

Despite retaining four bullets in the clip, Drake brags that he simply requires one to get the deed done. He stresses more by saying his hand doesn’t shake either. This demonstrates he isn’t hesitant to use his weapon when time goes wrong. Then, of course, Drake goes on to reopening wounds caused by Pusha T and Kanye West. He calls out his arch-rivals for using his name to boost their album sales where people buy their projects just to hear what they have got to say about Drake.

[Verse 2: Headie One]

The underground hip-hop community in the UK exerts power over one another by essentially counting their effectiveness as to how many people have been wounded or potentially killed. The second verse is basically braggadocio and speaks on how Headie One was able to gain respect in the British hip-hop community. Further down the lyrics, the rapper admits that his lines aren’t simply to boast about his experience in a song. In fact, they are very real. At the end of the verse, he gives a shoutout to Toosie Slide.

Conclusion: Only You Freestyle Meaning

‘Only You Freestyle’ is themed after the violent accomplishments of the respective rappers. Therefore, Drake has used the theme very well to reopen the wounds from his beef with Pusha T and Kanye West.

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Only You Freestyle’ by Headie One and Drake? Let us know in the comments section below.

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