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HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN, PARANOIA: Lyrics Meaning Explained


“PARANOIA,” written by Cal Scruby, SAINt JHN, Rob Russell & Sebastien Najand, is a song released on the 23rd of October, 2023. HEARTSTEEL is a new boyband of a popular gaming company, League of Legends. The meaning of “PARANOIA” lyrics by HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN is feeling resentful and isolated even when you’re successful. offers a deep dive into the emotional struggles of those who’ve achieved success while facing jealousy and criticism. Each character in the song’s narrative adds a unique perspective, contributing to the multifaceted exploration of the challenges that come with fame. You can listen to HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN’s “PARANOIA” below.

Official Music Video of “PARANOIA” by HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN

HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN, PARANOIA: Lyrics Meaning Explained

The intro of the song “PARANOIA” lyrics begins with BAEKHYUN’s singing, “Yeah, show the world.” This means he wants his listeners to pay attention to what’s about to unfold in his career as he is about to show his achievement to the world. In the first verse, Cal Scruby (character Kayn) mentions the judgment and criticism directed at him by the gamer community. The lines “Two sides to a story but they never tell my side” and “Never been the kinda guy to stay inside the guidelines” mean he is determined to live life on his own terms despite what people say. He mentions “dirt on my name” and “people in my past” which means he is where he is today because of the adversity he has faced. This sentiment is also shared in the line, “Grew up in the shadow but I know they watchin’ me now”.

In the pre-chorus of the song, BAEKHYUN describes the meaning of “Paranoia”. He is always moving in order to avoid potential threats. This means to describe his gameplay in the League of Legends video game which also shows how he gets paranoid from time to time. He has to move constantly in order to solidify his chances of winning the game. Here, the phrases “trouble right behind” and the determination to “crash a party” mean that he refuses to surrender to his fear.

The chorus of “PARANOIA” lyrics by BAEKHYUN and Tobi Lou talks about the consequences of success and the result in isolation. They describe their experience of success with the line, “Everybody hatin’ ever since you got more.” Here, the singers mean that as one becomes more successful, the number of people determined to bring you down increases. The desire for the “death of a rockstar” means the haters yearn for us to fall from grace.

In the second verse of the song, ØZI (character Sett) says that he disregards the opinions of other people. He understands he has the drive to achieve recognition. “Growin’ up, I was the problem that they didn’t solve” means he is resilient and he refuses to give up. Here, the final line, “From the cradle to the grave, never changed, make ’em dig that” means he is that unchanging piece in the puzzle of life.

The bridge of the song “PARANOIA” talks about how Tobi Lou desires privacy. He wishes to heal in the face of constant scrutiny. This is also a reference to how his character gets attacked in the video game, League of Legends. The lines “They wanna kiss me long good night with a rose” and “In reality, this just repeats like a drill” mean fame has been suffocating for him. Even though he is famous, he has his own moments of vulnerability. After all, he is only human. Read the original lyrics of HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN’s “PARANOIA” via Genius.

Context of “PARANOIA” Lyrics by HEARTSTEEL, League of Legends & BAEKHYUN

“PARANOIA” not only resonates with audiences within the League of Legends gaming community but also with people who are moving forward even in the face of adversity. According to American Songwriter, HEARTSTEEL is a virtual band by Riot Games for the League of Legends video game. BAEKHYUN is a member of K-pop group EXO and SuperM, Cal Scruby is a Los Angeles-based rapper, ØZI is a Los Angeles-born, Taipei-based singer/songwriter, and Tobi Lou was born in Nigeria and raised in Chicago. Riot Games occasionally creates musical bands from hip-hop bands to rock bands to K-Pop bands. With this, they create extra money from the sales of the song while also generating the interest of people in their video games.

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