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Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood In ‘Show Yourself’ With Unrequited Hope In Lyrics Meaning Frozen 2


Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood – Show Yourself Lyrics Meaning

We have a surprising comeback of both Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood. Their new collaboration in a promotional song titled ‘Show Yourself’ for Frozen includes a soothing vocal and serene visuals. The song ‘Show Yourself’ is sung when Elsa finds herself at the magical river she had heard about long ago in her mother’s lullaby. Elsa is played by ‘Idina Menzel’ in the song. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Show Yourself’ by Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood for Frozen.

As Elsa (Menzel) reiterates the chorus, she sings loftier each time she rehearses the words “into the unknown”. In making the music of Frozen 2, the filmmakers wisely doubled down on Idina Menzel’s mastery as a power-ballad beltless. They gave Elsa not one but two massive melodious numbers. Both of these musical lullabies stimulate the story while simultaneously stopping the show.

Introduction: Show Yourself Lyrics

One of the two musical numbers is claimed by ‘Into the Unknown’. It is the curiosity-fueled wailer that Elsa sings while following a solitary vocal across the Arendelle palace grounds. The other one is ‘Show Yourself’. It is a slow-burn anthem that carves to Elsa’s sentimental culmination and untangled hair. Self-help lyrics like “Show yourself, I’m dying to meet you; show yourself, it’s your turn” appeal plenty of compartment for empowered contemplation.

The lyrics of ‘Show Yourself’ try to show an emotional conflict between an unrequited hope of getting to know someone who isn’t available. Elsa wants the mystery that’s been haunting her for a long time to reveal itself to her. She wishes to let her guard down to this magical tune but she has no idea about its inception and its intentions. The malady of expectations is destroying her without her even realizing that is the cause of her pain.

Show Yourself Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Show Yourself’ by Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood for Frozen section-wise.

[Verse 1: Elsa]

Elsa tries to get vulnerable in the first line of the song letting out that something is freezing her but that’s not cold. The pattern of something lurking around for her attention is trying to get her attention this time as well. However, she isn’t sure if this is her dream or a reality spectrum that she’s been failing to notice. She can sense it and feel it but she cannot touch it, making it extremely difficult for her to decide what’s going on.

[Pre-Chorus: Elsa]

Elsa is guessing maybe if she opens up emotionally, the mystery will reveal to her. She tries to lure him (assuming mystery character to be a he) to show up to her by telling him she’s got a mountain of secrets that she would like to dig up with him. Elsa tries to provoke covetousness of him by letting him know that she is ready to handle his suffering as well. She wishes to let her guard down to this mystery but the mystery wouldn’t reveal easily.

[Chorus 1,2 & 3: Elsa & Siren, Iduna & ChoirElsaChoir]

Elsa finally reveals her desperation to meet this mystery person as her game of manipulation isn’t working anymore. She wants him to show up to her. On top of that, she becomes too available for her and asks him if he is the one she’s been looking for all her life. Elsa tells him that she is ready to learn about him and she is no longer trembling out of her expectations. This is because she is certain that he will show up to her after all these pleadings. All she wants him to do is stop hiding and reveal himself to her.

[Verse 2: Elsa]

Elsa has never been so certain that he is the one for her. All of her life, she’s been lied to and torn down. But this time, she feels like she can trust this mystery obsession to spill all of her secrets. She goes as far as to say maybe he is the reason why she was born in the first place. Elsa says she’s always been different than everyone around her. But maybe this mystery person will see her as someone normal. Her expectations are getting increasingly toxic without her even realizing it.

[Bridge: Elsa]

Elsa doesn’t want to keep waiting for the mystery person to show up anymore. She is certain that he is the one for her and he is her destiny. The desperation of Elsa is getting so bad that she is lurking around the corner where she thinks he’s been hiding in. She asks him to open his door to her so they can write a story about a unique connection.

[Verse 3: Choir, IdunaElsa]

Elsa runs down the shores of River to meet him, to feel him, and actually touch him. The river is the only memory of her and the only source for contemplating his existence. She cries in misery asking him to show up for her, but all of her attempts to see him go in vain.

Conclusion: Show Yourself Meaning

Attachment is an uninvited guest for our misery. We should be considering the level of our tolerance level before we put too much worth in someone for our own sake. What do you think is the meaning behind this emotionally relatable song ‘Show Yourself’ by Idina Menzel & Evan Rachel Wood? Did you like the song? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    This song is a queer realization story, contextualized for a mostly straight audience. It’s main theme is self acceptance, which can apply to many things but is especially important for a queer individual. All of Elsas songs have this coding in it. She’s always been different and felt isolated because of it. She is learning to embrace her unique situation and find the environment that welcomes her most.

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