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Frozen 2 ‘Into the Unknown’ Lyrics Meaning by Idina Menzel & AURORA


Idina Menzel & AURORA – Into the Unknown Lyrics Meaning

After Elsa’s desperate attempt to make the imaginary voice reveal to her fails, she is trying to move on. So as to move on, she is going ‘Into the Unknown’ while her sad cries of “Show Yourself” couldn’t work for her. Here, Elsa is conceding to the unusual singing tone (vocals by Aurora) that only she can hear. Elsa (sung by Idina Menzel) vocalizes about her endeavors to resist the urge to respond to that musical tone. Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Into the Unknown’ by Idina Menzel & AURORA.

Vox reports, “the nicest songs from Frozen 2 are the ones that couldn’t make it into the film”. Since the 90s, animated Disney movie soundtracks now have such heightened anticipations to live up to. People should allow themselves to let go of the notion that there’s a fresh “Let It Go” on the Frozen 2 soundtrack. You simply cannot expect it to be there because it really isn’t there.

Introduction: Into the Unknown Lyrics

The song ‘Into the Unknown’ is kind of an answer to 2014 megahit ‘Let It Go’. For the first time, Elsa gets to let out what she wishes in the lyrics of ‘Into the Unknown’. Using a metaphor, Elsa takes her main stride physically into a vaster realm of introspection and realization. It epitomizes her evolving as a person and taking some obligation in her life. The lyrics of the song speak of both Elsa’s hesitation and desperation to pursue the magical voice that is yearning to her. 

Slate reports, “If there’s one thing little children cherish, it’s purgative release! They abide by such stuff”. It is comfortable to say the lyrics of ‘Into the Unknown’ has been masterminded to provide the same exhilaration of inner spiritual crusade of Elsa pursued by cathartic song. Elsa is certainly feeling lonesome! It’s so obvious that Elsa wishes to run and discover this mysterious voice visiting her and only her eardrums.

Into the Unknown Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Into the Unknown’ by Idina Menzel & AURORA section-wise.

[Verse 1]

We would expect, presently, Elsa would avoid struggling to repress and confront her emotions the mystery voice. Yet, she is expecting something from the magical vocals she keeps hearing which wouldn’t show up for her no matter how hard she tries to. Elsa tries to avoid her temptation to meet this mystery voice by saying there are a thousand different things she should be doing other than following the confusing direction led by the unknown vocals. However, deep down, we both know she is only trying to make herself feel better.

[Verse 2/ Chorus]

As Elsa is the only one who can hear this mysterious voice, she speculates it to be rather a kindred passion than her one true love yearning for her. She says everyone she’s ever loved is around the walls of the room she is in right now. Elsa has had fun following the voice with hope and huge expectations. But now, she realizes that it is time to move on for her. She fears losing someone who could actually be trying to reach out to her while she is following this voice into the unknown with no real proof of its actual existence.

[Verse 3]

Elsa still has so much to understand about her hocus-pocus. The situation is even more frustrating as there is nobody she can speak to about it who actually comprehends what she is going through. The climax of the song adds at least a million additional issues. This is because Elsa is perishing to her own insecurity and mandating explanations. She doesn’t seem to trust this voice anymore as she questions if it is there to distract her from what she should be actually looking for instead. Elsa seems annoyed more than she is sad.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus]

As time is passing by, it is getting increasingly difficult for Elsa to move on with her life by ignoring the voice that only she can hear. She is telling him not to hurt her in a subtle way. Elsa just wants to feel safe around this mystery voice and tells it to stop hurting her as there is a deeper side of her that would still readily follow the voice into the unknown.

[Bridge/ Outro]

Elsa and this magical vocal duet back and forth with this voice teasing her heart. This voice is not letting Elsa go and move on with her life at all. It whistles slightly as if you are yodeling into a cave and you heed an echo. The voice sounds as if it’s going farther and farther. Now, it’s really concerning Elsa as she doesn’t want this voice to leave her all alone after such enticement. She would rather follow the voice into the unknown than to move on in the absence of it.

Conclusion: Into the Unknown Meaning

It’s such a heartbreaking song about unrequited love and hope. The expectations that we have upon something that isn’t meant for us is really difficult for some people to cope with. What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Into the unknown’ by Idina Menzel & AURORA for Frozen 2? Let us know what you think about the article or the song in the comments section below. Don’t be Elsa! Just move on even if it’s easier said than done.

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