5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Panels


5 Reasons Why You Should Invest in Solar Panels

Businessmen were probably very happy when they first discovered petroleum during the 1850s. The petroleum became so mainstream that scientists quite literally stopped searching for other alternatives. The discovery of petroleum changed the lifestyle of a number of families. There are uncountable rags to riches stories. Now, people wish petroleum was never discovered. People are interested in clean energy source like electricity, solar etc. at the moment. Here are some of the reasons why you should invest in solar panels.

1. For a Clean and Healthy Environment

Unlike petroleum, the solar panel doesn’t produce Carbon Monoxide gas which is very toxic in nature. On top of this, solar panels do not require water for their operation. Thus, they cannot pollute the water resources, unlike the petroleum-based companies that release harmful industrial waste directly to the water resources.

The solar panels are used to generate electricity which can be used by electric cars, households or even by big manufacturing companies. We have Tesla representing the future of electric cars embedded by solar panels and batteries.

2. To Save the Risk of Global Economic Crash and Make Extra Money

We know petroleum is not renewable. This is the reason why we should start looking for alternatives. Our global economy depends on the price of petroleum as well. When there is a decline in the volume of petroleum supplied, the global economy might as well crash. The companies that drill oil to generate the revenue are trying their best to extract as much oil as they can before the global petroleum crisis hits the major sectors like airlines, personal cars, etc.

If we connect our solar system to the grid, we will get paid for every unit o electricity it generates due to the Feed-In-Tariff. Usually, the lifespan of a solar panel is considered to be of 30 years in minimum. The tariff is free of tax and is guaranteed for fifteen years. It’s true that we can make money off of the solar panels as well. On a latter option, we can always sell solar energy generated to our neighbors as it can save their electricity bills as well.

3. To Save the Electricity Bills

The electricity that you’ve been using from your energy supplier is expensive. Sure, the solar panels are expensive. However, once you install them, you can fulfill any energy needs of yours without depending on the energy supplier.

A drawback of using solar panels to fulfill the energy needs over the energy provided by the energy supplier is, solar panels work only during the days. As the solar panels are dependent on the availability of the sun to get recharged, the installation of the batteries is probably a good option so as to use solar electricity during the night.

4. For the Future of Humanity

We all have noticed that the global war is a result of a country lacking something. As we know petroleum is not renewable, the global market is certainly going to crash. This might lead the middle east towards the civil war. I wouldn’t be surprised if the whole world goes in the war against each other to find and establish oil drilling companies so as to support their economies.

Throughout history, we have noticed the lack of innovation and a failing economy have paved a dark route of the wars. Every year, rich countries invest a lot in nuclear weapons that can wipe away our existence in a few seconds. If we all start using clean energy, there will be lesser risks of a global economic crash, which might ultimately save humanity from the most feared nuclear war.

5. Cheaper and Easier Than Installation of Hydropower and Nuclear Energy Plants

Solar panels sure are expensive. But are they as expensive as building the huge water dams for hydropower? I’m pretty sure they aren’t even close to 1% of what building a nuclear power plant costs. Solar panel installation usually cost somewhere from $12,000 to $25,000 depending on the amount of energy the panel can generate. On the other hand, construction of Hydropower and Nuclear power plants are seen as the projects that require at least a billion dollar.

Solar panels can be installed independently or in partnership with people for business purposes. This has the potential to gain a lot of profit because of the points we have discussed above. The construction of Hydropower and Nuclear power plants takes years of time and a lot of money while the installation of solar panels hardly takes an hour. Moreover, solar energy saves electricity bills and we can become independent of the energy required for our daily lives.


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