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Why Is Jack Harlow ‘Nail Tech’ Lyrics Meaning Pretentious?


Jack Harlow – Nail Tech Lyrics Meaning

The lyrics of the song ‘Nail Tech’ by Jack Harlow has the meaning of talking about materialism, quite pretentious. Harlow primarily talks about chains, designer luxury companies, and cars. He particularly doesn’t seem to be happy with the critics talking bad about him despite his high status.

When we think about it, if someone has to sing a song to prove his status, then maybe his status is fickle. This is my understanding of the song ‘Nail Tech’ by Jack Harlow.

Introduction: Nail Tech Lyrics

The Kanye West cosign for Jack Harlow shows how impressed was Kanye with the meaning of ‘Nail Tech’ lyrics. Harlow agrees with Kanye on how the opinion of other rappers and critics can affect their brands. Everyone is expecting Jack to make it big sooner or later. ‘Nail Tech’ has been a highlight of his life.

Nail Tech Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Nail Tech’ by Jack Harlow section-wise in detail.

[Intro/ Verse 1]

The nail technician of Jack Harlow maintains the rapper so well that his success can be seen instead of being heard. Ironically, he is trying to convince other people that he is posh. But let’s not focus on this one here. His confidence comes with his Louis Vuitton bags, clear skin and a good physique.

He is a carefree guy who doesn’t feel like he has to please anybody. It is a good thing for him that he doesn’t have any authority to comment on his every move. The rapper loves to drive fancy sports cars and date beautiful women. Despite him saying he doesn’t take any L’s, common, everyone takes an L every once in a while.

[Pre-Chorus/ Chorus]

Here, the rapper talks about how his family is more important for him than his fans and any other relationships. Then, Jack gets very challenging and says that his bags get checked by Transportation Security Administration while suspecting him of carrying lethal weapons because of the shiny items he owns. He is so pretentious but I love it.

[Verse 2]

Harlow doesn’t seem impressed by his sense of fashion. Despite admitting that he is not really into fashion, he keeps it cool by saying his outfit is straight-up fire. Even though he is not at the top of the hip-hop industry, he believes that people know who he is because of his recent hits. Then, he admits to having a hard time trusting other people.

Conclusion: Nail Tech Meaning

The literal meaning behind the lyrics of ‘Nail Tech’ by Jack Harlow is being able to afford a ‘nail technician’. It’s a way to show others his posh lifestyle. He lives such a fancy lifestyle that even his nails are properly maintained. The song is a little pretentious but I love it.

Read the meaning behind the lyrics of the song ‘Nail Tech’ by Jack Harlow on Genius in detail.


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