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Jack Harlow “WHATS POPPIN” Lyrics Meaning


Jack Harlow – WHATS POPPIN Lyrics Meaning

“WHATS POPPIN” is the biggest hit by Jack Harlow and its lyrics come with a different meaning along with a brand new whip of a remix from different artists with trap instrumental. The song is getting remixed from the likes of MGK, Lil Wayne, and DaBaby. Hello everyone, this is Patrick for Laviasco. You can find us on Twitter @laviasco as well. The song has gained attention from around the world with its bubbly instrumental which we simply cannot ignore.

“WHATS POPPIN” is a song by rising American rapper, Jack Harlow with its lyrics talks about the meaning behind the importance of self-worth. This track beautifully portrays the level of freedom everyone wants to achieve.

Introduction: WHATS POPPIN Lyrics

The song stands by the notion of explaining why self-worth is to the listeners. Here, Jack Harlow tries to make fun of people that do not care when you’re in your bad days. Then, when they see you happy and successful, they will reach out to you with the hope of maybe you could help them out with their self-inflicted situations. But the rapper calmly tells them to stop asking how he is doing. Isn’t it obvious that he is doing great by the looks of it? Especially if you are the one inquiring about him, he is definitely doing good enough to make you reach out to him.

What’s poppin’? (Pooh, you a fool for this one)

Brand new whip just hopped in (Just hopped in)

I’ma spend this holiday locked in (Ooh)

My body got rid of them toxins (Mmh, mmh)

Notable lyrics for WHATS POPPIN by Jack Harlow

WHATS POPPIN Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of the song “WHATS POPPIN” by Jack Harlow section-wise. Here, we talk about the lyrical aspects and the instrumental used.


The chorus section of the song has been blasted all over TikTok. It is not fair to ignore the successes brought up by the video-sharing app. We all know how TikTok afflicted the songs such as “Death Bed“, “The Box“, and “Old Town Road“ to being number one hit in the USA. In the lyrics in the Chorus section, Jack Harlow shows off his brand new whip (a car) when someone asks him ‘WHATS POPPIN’. Then, towards the end of the chorus section, the rapper says he has been cutting off toxic people from his life to get room to breathe in the fresh air for himself.


The verse for the song shows the coolest side of Jack Harlow. He is frequently approached by the opposite sex after he got his life together. The sentiments in the verse section of the song are essentially how his life has come together to make him the type of person he is today. As people see him happier and fulfilled, they are likely to follow him and see what he is up to. This is the main reason why the artist criticizes the people that are following up to him. Here, we can learn something about human psychology.

In the verse section, we can definitely understand the human psychology of people being attracted to people who appear to be happier and more fulfilled than they are. It is something we should observe closely. When we lose connection with someone, it is easy to cut them off without trying to understand why the connection has been lost. However, it becomes even more difficult to approach people later when they are in a better place if you abandon them when they were in a darker place.

Conclusion: WHATS POPPIN Meaning

“WHATS POPPIN” is a way of approaching someone you haven’t contacted for a while. However, in the song, Jack Harlow expresses hostility towards some people who approach you when you are happy and fulfilled.

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