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Nothing Wrong With Being You! James Arthur – You Lyrics Meaning


James Arthur – You Lyrics Meaning

What is your political inclination? If there was a time this question was raised the most it would be now. Which belief system do you follow? I am sure you have been asked this question umpteen times. What is James suggesting by this song? Let’s learn the meaning behind the lyrics of ‘YOU’ by James Arthur.

The most relevant and genuine answer to this should be belief in your own set of values. Freedom, peace and progress are subjective terms and can mean absolutely different things to different people.

Introduction: You Lyrics

But if we are sure of what we want from life and are ready to go the extra mile for it, no matter what the world says or opines, we are free. It is important that we understand the true meaning of freedom and go for it, rather than the liberties the world keeps professing about.

‘You’, the song professing for the listener to keep their selves free and intact, was released with You, the album on October 11, 2019. The lyrics of this appealing song have been written by James Arthur, Travis Barker, George Tizzard and Rick Parkhouse.

You Lyrics Meaning

Let’s dissect the meaning behind the lyrics of You by James Arthur section-wise.


Mankind has been at war almost since the beginning of time. Early men fought with each other for food and survival and ever since there have been battles and wars for survival, for territory, for power. But at the core of all these reasons is a wish for freedom – freedom from hunger (of food or of dominion), freedom from dictatorship or subjugation.

[Verse 1]

‘They’, the pronoun has been used to address the world. The world, as the singer croons, has been making excessively generalized statements, painting the whole picture with the same brush. Realistically, the world could be the media or the person living around the corner. The real world is saying things. They are using social media as their mouthpiece. And every listener is forced to believe that the society is in shambles and that one urgently needs to pick sides.

To side with whom, is a difficult choice. Because all of them appear to be correct and everyone appears to be wrong, all at once. The singer appeals to the listener to not choose any sides, not choose weapons or hatred but instead choose love. He is using the song to remind you that love is more powerful than hatred.


The singer directly addresses the listener, and tells them that they were in the wilderness, a product of nature, raw and uncorrupted. They were looking for their purpose, were lost. And as the saying goes, just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly. And this butterfly spread its beautiful pair of wings and flew! The lyrics are hinting at the listener discovering their true beautiful self and going out into the world spreading their splendor.

The world would try to bring the ‘butterfly’ (which is ‘you’) down, by pelting stones and slurs against it. But the gorgeous creature, that is you, would just not let these words or stones do any harm to his spirits! The creature has realized the “be-YOU-ty” of being himself and the singer reaffirms this confidence with his song.

[Verse 2]

The singer warns you against the ongoing propaganda in the world. He wants you to be wary of the hatred the news stories are spreading. The singer does not want you to believe that all men are enemies of each other. He asserts that most of these things are lies and this venom is going to corrupt you and make you go insane.

James Arthur requests you to keep your soul and desire alive and be the most lively and beautiful version of yourself. Therefore, he does not want you to be a prisoner of ideas imposed by others but be free in your right.


The voices of the society have been incessantly telling you that you cannot do this or cannot do that, cannot have this or cannot get that. The singer expresses his angst against this injustice and tells us that he wrote about it. He wrote because the pen is mightier than the sword.

His purpose in this song is designated as his words would silence all the bitter and suffocating voices. He took it upon himself to remind his brethren that it was alright to be ‘you’, to be genuine and unaffected and unchanged by the demands of the world on how it wants you to be.

Conclusion: You Meaning

What do you think is the meaning behind the lyrics of You by James Arthur? Let us know in the comments below. Watch the music video for You below:

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